Happy Valentine’s Day. Wishing all of you a very special day with your special person in your life.

You know if you really love someone, you would bend heaven and earth to protect them and keep them safe. I know I would and have. But I want to remind you today that God is that way as well.

John 10:29 says “No one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. This verse is talking about God’s great love for His children; a love so great that He will go to extraordinary lengths to protect you.

If I were to take a small child, chances are they could not open your clenched hand or fist. I know that from time to time, dads or granddads will hold something in their hand and a little one will be invited to try to pry it open. Won’t happen. It is a fun exercise but it reveals a great truth. For every Christian that has trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, we can be sure that we are also tightly in the hand of the Lord and nothing can take us out of it. The apostle John talked about that in John 10:28-29.

In contrast to God’s protective holding of us as compared to an adult holding something; as a little child cannot force that hand open, neither can anything, anywhere snatch us out of God’s hand.. Nothing can, no one can force God to release us out of His hand. We are so securely in God’s hand it is amazing.

His hand is so strong that Psalm 8:3 says that His fingers created all the stars in the sky and the moon and all things in the heavens above. He did that with His fingers. Those hands are for sure strong enough to hold you. I remember a great song byKeith and Kristyn Getty which says, “He will hold me fast.” I invite you to tune it in on YouTube or Google it. It talks of all the struggles and challenges we can face in life but reminds us so beautifully that “He will Hold us fast.” That, my friends, is security.

And we can know that kind of security in His care. When we have a relationship with Him as Lord and Savior, He will hold us securely. It is why Paul, the apostle, said that he knew that He who had begun a good work in Him would continue it and keep it and Him secure.

There is an old saying that someone let something slip between their fingers. Cannot happen with God. To me that means that when we face the loss of a job, financial struggles, when you are maligned falsely, when you lose a loved one, when anything comes against you---HE WILL HOLD YOU FAST and SECURELY.

There is not much security in this world but there is when you belong to Him. And for that same reason, you can entrust everything to Him as well. Anything that concerns or troubles you, you can turn over to Him. Whenever you are concerned about your loved ones, you can entrust them to His care. To use a football metaphor, He won’t fumble the ball. He holds you safely and securely and whatever or whoever you commit to Him. That is good news. Think on that today.

A couple of other news points today. There is a growing movement among some leftists in this nation to let abortion grow completely out of control and allow them to be done anytime right up to birth and even after. I think that is called murder, by the way. The radical left has a sickness that has overtaken them and it applies to, too, the growing cry for legalization of drugs and specifically marijuana. Senator Kamala Harris of California said this week that there should be no restrictions and that our country needs more joy so let’s legalize pot. Oh, and by the way, she is running for president. I would submit to you that the Bible says that, “The joy of the Lord is our strength,” not pot. A drugged up society is a dying society. If this country would get “high“ on Jesus instead of opoids and pot, we might find lots of our issues were solved. It is a continuing sign of the moral abyss we are sliding into. We live in a world that is collapsing because too many believe we are a god unto ourselves. That is a mistake. It always has been and will be. The Bible tells us that there is a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. How true.

Pray for your country, your leaders, you familes and remember that for the one who trusts in Christ, no matter what goes on, He holds you tightly in His hand and nothing can pluck you out. Praise be to God.

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