Dave Paxton

A TWEET BY President Trump and an ensuing chant at one of his rallies has people on the left in a mouth frothing, hysterical rage accusing the President of racism.

And, typical of most in the national media covering the President’s inarticulate dust up with four crazed, female freshmen members of Congress, the only part of a longer tweet uses only the part that said “Go back where you came from.”

What the President actually tweeted was this, “Go back where you came from. Go back to the crime infested places you came from and fix those problems. Then come back and show us how you succeeded.”

That was the tweet. Was it inarticulate? Probably. Intemperate? Sure. Mean spirited? Okay. But racist? I don’t think so.

The charge of racism has risen to ridiculous levels. In the minds of progressives and liberals the word “racist” means anybody who happens to disagree with our completely fruitloop way of looking at life and the country we live in.

Today, if you disagree with paying reparations to the fourth generation removed relatives of slaves, you are racist. If you believe in the rule of law in terms of protecting our nation’s border, you are racist (even if the policies were that of President Barrack Obama). If you happen to hold to 2,000 years of Christian Biblical teaching and another 4,000 years of Jewish Biblical instruction in terms of marriage being reserved for one man and one woman, you may not be racist, but you’re certainly homophobic. You’re still a hater.

We can no longer disagree with a person’s politics, religion or worldview without being branded a “whatever” based not on the argument, but on a person’s skin color or a person’s sexual identify. It is called “identity politics” and it is the sole reason for many in the Democrat party to exist. They’ve lost the battle for a reasonable argument, so they have to place various brands on people with whom they disagree to gain whatever higher ground they are seeking.

Haters of the President say Donald Trump has been a lifelong racist, but nothing in his business background suggests that. People have also accused him of being anti-union, but the guy worked successfully with union contractors his entire life. Does he like unions? My guess is that he doesn’t because it affects his bottom line as a builder. But his companies have paid union wages and benefits for as long as he has been in business.

Today, African American and Hispanic workers are experiencing historic and near historic unemployment under the Trump presidency. Wages in minority communities are also at record highs. How can his policies be termed “racist”?

What most on the left have missed in the Tweet-gate episode is that Trump is actually treating AOC and the Squad with respect by exercising his no holds barred type of political brawling toward them. He is treating them as equals in his world of political conflict. They should worry if he handled them like delicate little flowers. That’s not how Trump fights battles against adversaries he deems worthy.

I’m not saying racism isn’t alive and well in the U.S. Actually, the most virulent racist organization in America today is Planned Parenthood, formed in the 1930’s by noted eugenicist Margaret Sanger who set out to eliminate black America by aborting their unborn children. She has succeeded in large measure. Black America makes up 14 percent of our population. Of the 50 million abortions since Roe v Wade, 40 percent were black children. Do the math.

Democrat candidates for president have pummeled Joe Biden for being a closet racist, pointing to the fact that he gave a funeral eulogy for past Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Sen. Robert Byrd. Hmmm, seems like President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, also had deep ties to the KKK. For my part, I don’t think Biden has a racist bone in his body. He too struggles with articulating ideas.

Who else is a fully outed bigot? Well, that would be at least three of the Squad, Congresswomen Ilhad Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Talib, who have said all sorts of crazy crap about American and Israeli Jews. And if there is an embrace of modern day Nazism and fascism, it is from the likes of the Squad.

And as bold speaking anti-Semites in Congress, where are Democrats in repudiating this form of racism within their own ranks? When Iowa Republican Steve King put a Confederate flag on his desk and talked in vague terms about Western Civilization, he was stripped of his committee assignments by fellow Republicans. He now faces a Republican primary challenge.

See, what passes for racism these days is actually snow flakes unwilling to have their opinions tested by those who disagree. If you disagree with me, it is because of my color, not because I spout stupid, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-traditionalist nonsense.

Bigotry also exists outside of skin color. Try being a police officer of any color in a major U.S. city these days. You are hated simply because you wear blue. Border patrol agents and I.C.E. officers are also targeted by any number of Democrats in Congress because of their sins of upholding existing U.S. immigration law. Apparently you can spew hate speech toward these members of U.S. society with impunity.

Try being a conservative student on any number of university campuses across the U.S. What’s more, try being an evangelical Christian attempting to exercise your First Amendment right. Bigots and haters can be found anywhere. Sometimes you have to look hard (fortunately). Other times they’re standing in line at Wal-Mart.

I think President Trump tweets a lot of stuff that is better left unsaid. I never much cared for the “Love it or Leave it” slogan of the Vietnam War, particularly when it was directed at disillusioned combat veterans protesting the war. But asking a harsh critic to go back to their own communities and fix the rot there before criticizing every single thing in the Trump administration isn’t really out of line.

He asked the Squad to show him how they have successfully attacked homelessness, poverty and family disfunction. It turned into a hysterical fight over racism. We’re still waiting to see how things get done in Minneapolis, Detroit and L.A.

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