Dave Paxton

I don’t know that President Trump lies or doesn’t lie any more or any less than other Presidents in recent history. Just last week, President Obama, taking his show on the road to Brazil, told an audience there that Americans can buy machine guns on the Internet.

Well, if that’s true (and it isn’t), Brazilians could buy machine guns on the Internet. It was a bald faced lie. Unless you’re living deep, deep in the underground of international crime, you can’t go to Google, find Joe’s Machine Gun Shop, swipe your credit card and buy a machine gun. He was rattling on about gun crime in the U.S. and telling Brazilians what a rotten place America is in the throes of Donald Trump and was casting lies like a 12-year-old with a bucket of worms fishing a really good pond for bluegills.

George W. Bush made his infamous statement and salute, “Mission Accomplished.” Bill Clinton foolishly lied about Monica Lewinsky while under oath. Clinton was perhaps the most prolific and accomplished liar in the history of the Presidency. Maybe not as good as Richard Nixon. Yikes! Lyndon Johnson and the whole role out of the Vietnam War was mostly lies. John Kennedy maybe didn’t have to lie as much because he had so many sycophant media types doing his lying for him, at least in terms of his personal debauchery.

As good a man as Ronald Reagan was, he was inclined to stretch the truth. So was Jimmy Carter and H.W. Bush (read my lips, no new taxes).

The difference that Donald Trump brings to the table is this completely insane, visceral hatred of the man by Democrats who can’t seem to get over his beating Hillary in the 2016 election. They were for sure he was in cahoots with the Rooskies in beating Hillary and the Mueller Report said, “No.” They’re sure he is guilty of obstruction of justice, but see, there needs to be some crime out there before you can obstruct anybody from prosecuting. In this, I’m pretty sure Robert Mueller and his team think Trump committed a crime and then obstructed justice, but after two years and $30 million, they couldn’t for sure find anything. And in America, you don’t have to prove your innocence. Somebody has to prove you guilty.

Mueller apparently wants Congress to find out what he couldn’t…and they won’t.

They simply hate him. They hate his money and his hair and his past wives and his past and present lifestyle and his being a reality TV star and his tweets and his kids and absolutely everything he says or does. It is bizarre.

He’s an easy guy to dislike, but come on. Comparing him to Hitler and suggesting he is a threat to democracy. Let’s get real.

I can tell you right now, I didn’t like Barack Obama. I think he was a second rate President, not all that bright and not all that accomplished. He was hip and good looking and could have done magnificent things to bridge the gap between black and white in this country, and failed miserably. He annoyed the crap out of me continually apologizing for American exceptionalism and he worshipped at the feet of weirdos and quasi-religious goofballs like Saul Olinsky and the Right Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

But I never hated the guy and, frankly, didn’t really think about him all that much. It was a lot better for my mental health to spoil my grandchildren, cheer on the Cyclones, Hawkeyes and Panthers and occasionally pray for the guy in church.

Where he irritated me most was when he told outlandish lies to cover for things like “Fast and Furious,” the IRS scandals, the millions of dollars in cash given to Iranians and his weird love of all things Muslim.

Overall, however, I accepted the two terms he was elected as President.

Not so with President Trump and haters on both the right and left. He is criticized by the left-wing media for having bad hair and of late changing his hairstyle because of a bad case of hat hair. They eviscerate his lovely and elegant wife, Melania, for reasons that escape me. It doesn’t matter that many of his policies are not that far afield from Obama’s, particularly when it comes to Obama’s early take on border security (he wanted a wall built and immigrants to have a good reason to come here). They hate him, thus they hate border security.

The modern Democrat Party and those driving it further and further left, are a party of hate. They hate Trump and by extension hate everyone who voted for him, which in geographical terms is darned near the entire country except for a few carved out places on both coasts. And if the media cooks up crazy crap from their hate Trump playbook, leftists, progressives, global warming religionists jump on board without any sense of priority or thought.

The flap over hiding the U.S.S. John McCain (which the Navy debunked) and his calling Princess Meghan “nasty,” which a taped conversation proves absolutely false are just the latest.

And as far as his placing pressure on Mexico with the threat of tariffs if they don’t stop the flood of migrants through their country, pressuring Iran to behave itself, working to spare the lives of the unborn and making others play nice with us, it’s about time.

ANOTHER COMPLETELY inappropriate Facebook lynching took place on the Albia Happenings site. I’m not sure we’re ever going to learn that some things are better left off Facebook. People post stupid crap they would never say to a person’s face.

It is discouraging.

Got a beef with a coach? Take it to the coach, to the athletic director, to the superintendent. Not to the internet.

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