Greetings. First a quick update on my mom, Gladys. Remarkable recovery from a brain trauma slows this week and so please continue to pray for my mom’s full recovery. She is now in Northern Mahaska Nursing and Rehab Center in Oskaloosa.

It is a fantastic facility and they have had Mother up and doing some things for and with her. But eating and some other hurdles remain. Her cognitive abilities are better but recovery and survival depend on her I believe, and your prayers.

Don Moen, a great Christian songwriter, wrote God will Make A Way. Indeed, He can. Please pray for her to continue to progress and improve. To God be the glory.

One thing that complicates this is now when my mom needs me the most, I am not allowed to see her due to the national mandates on nursing centers due to Coronavirus. That mandate is very crushing for both of us. Therefore I am, as a favor to lift her spirits, asking you to send my mom, Gladys Grimes, a card to Northern Mahaska Specialty Care, 2401 Crestview Drive, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 52577. It really would help her right now. Sooner the better.

Restrictions on all Americans now are causing difficulty. America has faced health scares before in the deadly Swine Flu, the Mets virus, West Nile and Sars and others. Personally, I feel it fits Jesus’ admonition that in the last days pestilence will increase with great rapidity. I believe that it is not a coincidence that this crisis is happening during Lent. Through many crises in our history and world upheaval, God has called people to repentance and revival. That opportunity and call exists now. Prayer is critical now as is careful medical and hygiene care fir all.

But as I said in a radio forum on KIIC the other night, fear is getting too big a grip on us. Now fears strike all of us. I understand that. But fear can cripple and destroy. It is concerning that we have this pandemic but maybe even more so that we have a pandemic of fear that is destroying America’s economy and social fabric.

But there are lessons here. In our country and world we have so often forgotten the Lord that this is a wake up call spiritually. But we need to remember that throughout the Bible, we continually see the stress on overcoming fear and trusting the Lord.

As Isaiah saw in Isaiah 6, in a time of great stress and consternation in Israel, God is still sovereign and in control. We need to pray as Psalm 91 shows us for God to be our refuge and fortress. I encourage you to read and pray it daily. We need to hold fast to His promises like Psalm 27:1 which says, “the Lord is my light and salvation, whom or what should I fear. He is the strength of my life of whom or what shall I be afraid.”

We need to recall stories of the Lord stilling the tempest on the Sea of Galilee or His reminder that He is with us always and will never leave us or forsake us.

And it goes back to the Don Moen lyrics I mentioned earlier about God making a way where ther seems to be no way. Now is the time when we are hunkering down to draw closer to our families, our kids and to the Lord. Things are strained but using this time wisely can turn this obstacle into a golden opportunity to grow as an individual and a Christian.

Keep looking up. As King David said in Psalm 23, “the Lord is my Shepherd.” My friends, He can guide us safely through this crisis. Believe it. He will not fail us or forsake us. But He is calling us to draw nigh unto Him. There is shelter by His side.

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