Sunday is Mother's Day. It is a unique day in it's conception and practice here in America. It is a day where moms are usually feted to flowers, a dinner out and a card or variations of the above. It is a day that can be happy as moms are honored and families get together or where some sadness happens as moms who have passed are remembered.

Motherhood from its inception, has been the source of stories and poems and our society and history are famous of great figures whose mothers were inspirations and whose sacrifices for there children were monumental like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and many more.

The Bible is no less indicative of examples of great moms like Jocabed, Moses' mother, who hid him in reeds in the Nile so his life could be spared from the wrath of Pharaoh or Hannah who prayed so hard for her son Samuel, the great prophet or certainly Mary, the most blessed woman ever, who bore Jesus and who remains the epitome of a devoted and obedient Christian and mother.

Yes, moms are special. In your life, you may have had a very close relationship or not but every mom deserves the honor this day requires. My mom, Gladys, is 100 plus. She still lives at home where for over 60 years she and my late dad made a loving home for my sister and me. Her mind is clear though age has diminished some physical attributes.

In her, our home was one of love. She and my dad showed us the value of honoring mothers in the way they treated their own. My folks grew up in the Depression and saw firsthand the sacrifices moms make for the children they love. My mom's mom raised seven kids as a widow and my dad's mom is still revered by all my cousins.My dad , shortly before he died , said how much he looked forward to seeing his mom again in Heaven.

At my mom's and dad's direction, I learned so much. I learned especially about faith, God's love and public service and the principles to live by.

At my mom's age, I know statistically we are on borrowed time. I will spend time with her and in a small way try to convey all my gratitude to her for all she has done for me in a myriad of ways.

I hope you do the same. But whether your mom is living or dead, say a prayer and thank God for your mom and all God has given you in them.

Every mom is a treasure, let them know that and thank the Lord His live to you has been so ably and wonderfully shown through your mom.

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