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God accomplishes his purpose, no matter what - Albia Newspapers: Opinion

God accomplishes his purpose, no matter what

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Posted: Friday, June 16, 2017 9:41 am

Happy Father’s Day, first and foremost, to all you dads out there. And speaking of which, I do want to let those know who are telling that my dad David is in a nursing home, that they need to read a little in the Bible about gossip. My dad has some health issues but the old soldier has sound mind, extremely so, and is home and doing well at age 99. He is doing very well, thank you. Ugh. Gossip is beyond the pale.

Now, today, I want to draw from 2 Chronicles 18:9-34. It is a long passage, but I will share the critical verse 33 with you. It deals with God’s will. You know many people fear that through some fault of their own, or others, that they can thwart God’s will. Job addressed that in the book named after him and when he encountered God he stated that he now knew that nothing good thwarts God’s purposes. The Bible tells us elsewhere that when God’s word goes forth it never returns empty without accomplishing the purposes for which it was sent.

In 2 Chronicles, the prophet Micah prophesied death for the wicked King Ahab, so Ahab disguised himself to fool the enemy. Apparently the disguise worked but it did not change the prophecy. The Bible says that a random Syrian arrow found a tiny crack in his armor and killed him, fulfilling the prophecy. Point: God’s will is always fulfilled, despite the obstacles and defenses people try to put in its way. God can use anything, even an error, even other people clamoring against you and circumstances that seek to destroy something good in your life, to bring His will to pass. Romans 8:28 says, “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.”

This should be great news for all of us who follow the Lord, because we can trust Him to work out His plans and keep His promises no matter what the circumstances are. It does not mean that obstacles and opinions and roadblocks won’t be sent or develop against His will or our being blessed by Him. Satan and the world will always oppose God’s purposes and our joy and happiness. Count on it. He, satan, never bothers those who are already doing what he wants. But it does mean that God will knock them down as if swatting a fly. He is in control. There is no such thing as coincidence.

We do live in a fallen world with trials and tribulations that happen even to the best of us. But in our loving Lord’s hands, He works it all out like a potter with the clay to shape us like a fine vase into something stronger and better. As gold is refined by fire, so are we in His loving design. When challenged, we become more determined and stronger and more resolved to help others, to love deeper, to trust Him and and to hang on to our dreams and hopes. And when we see that His will comes to pass, when we see that He keeps His promises and knocks down those things sent against us, our confidence in Him grows.

We cannot see all that He is doing and we cannot see all He will do. But we can be assured that He is directing traffic, that like a mighty conductor, He is directing the symphony. Knowing this and knowing that He will bring to pass, despite hindrances brought against us, should make us more confident and give us hope that in the midst of a confusing world, He doeth all things well. Psalm 71:5 says, “You are my hope, you are my trust, and the source of my confidence.” David wrote this and as the man who had, as a shepherd boy struck down lions and bears and slew Goliath, he knew God will accomplish His purposes no matter what. He knew he could count on Him to fight his battles and bring him the victories. He always comes through. He keeps His promises. If the God who parted the Red Sea, who made the sun stand still, who delivered Daniel from the lion’s den and took the three Hebrew children through the fiery furnace safely can’t come through for us, then who can? The bottom line is He can and does.

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