My kids bought me a Fitbit wristwatch the first Christmas after my heart attack two years ago and I wear it and consult it religiously. Typically, I can make that golden 10,000 steps a day and if I miss, my steps are nearing the 8,000 level. I have no idea who came up with 10,000 steps creating ideal cardio activity and there is a serious downside to the watch in that it doesn’t measure resistance training (I lift weights twice a week) nor does it measure cycling activity (I do a recumbent exercise cycle on days I’m not playing racquetball, walking the dog or cross country skiing). It doesn’t measure the swish of a cross country ski either.

So at best it is imperfect science.

I kept getting messages on my iPhone that it had not been updated in something like 82 weeks and I noticed all sorts of stuff I had been using were not available, so I had my middle daughter do the update. I’m sorry, did I not mention that I am blissfully ignorant of most of the stuff the iPhone does?

Anyway, post update I am getting weekly e-mail reminders from Fitbit, which essentially serves as a nagging wife. I’ve lived 44 years with a wife who doesn’t nag, so my Fitbit hussey is a little aggravating, particularly since she clearly does not understand how weather affects one’s ability to exercise.

Last week, I did 39,992 steps, a whopping 34,000 fewer than the week before. Get off my back! I shoveled snow four times, was unable to walk my dog through three-foot drifts, but did cross country ski twice and rode my recumbent.

The Fitbit accused me of exercising just two of five days last week, when I know I played racquetball three times and skied twice. I did 18.38 miles, 15.66 less than the week before.

Hey, look, you Fitbit nagravator, I also ate a donut from the Hy-Vee last week and put shredded cheese and a cornbread muffin in my chili during the New England-Kansas City AFC championship football game. So take that.

She complimented me on a zero weight gain. Hah! I weighed myself this morning after a weekend of watching football and was up two pounds. So there.

The nut-wang New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ortasio-Cortez said this week that the world will end in 12 years if “we” don’t do something about it. In 2009 Al Gore said New York City would be under water by 2015. Democrats make lousy prophets of doom.

I will admit freely to being a “denier” when it comes to manmade global warming, AKA “climate change,” although a changing climate is undeniable. I’ve read too much about the Vikings farming in Greenland and the Sahara Forest to know man has little to do with nature (except perhaps shooting animal species into or near extinction). The question is “who is changing the climate?” And my answer is God. A friend sent me an incredibly interesting video done by Peter Temple who goes over the nearly 100-year-old work of astrophysicist Dr. Raymond Wheeler. Wheeler proved that the earth is cyclical in nature and that beginning 11,000 years ago after the glacial period, the earth has cycled naturally hot and wet to cool and dry and back again.

Since 1999, temperatures (regardless of what global warming religionists like Ortasio-Cortez and Al Gore say) have flatlined and have started a natural trend downward.

What’s more, every thousand years or so when the earth gets to its warmest and wettest points, civilization explodes. When it cools, civilization degrades. Hence, the fall of the Roman Empire and the European Dark Ages, cold and dry; the rise of the Egyptian culture, the Mayan culture and Renaissance, warm and wet.

Every 180 years or so, the cycles create respites of warm and wet climate and likewise cool and dry climate. And it all occurs naturally because of the warming and cooling of the sun.

So we’ve got people like Gore and his disciples, like the clueless Ortasio-Cortez (who is not an astrophysicist, but does have a degree from Boston University in economics and has largely worked in politics) suggesting the earth works in a straight line in terms of climate, getting hotter and hotter with each passing day, when in fact it turns on natural cycles of hot and cold.

And when you look at the true science of the natural heating and cooling of the earth, which takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of years to occur, her claim of the earth’s destruction in 12 years is just about as arrogant and stupid as you can possibly get.

She is a dimwit who, but because of her charm and good looks, has gained a following of equally gullible and dimwitted Americans.

Just a word about the New Orleans loss to Los Angeles in the NFC championship game. The first NFL football game I watched was in 1959 between the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts. I have followed the NFL with different degrees of interest for 60 years and the missed pass interference/targeting call at the New Orleans five-yard-line was the worst piece of officiating I’ve ever seen.

And I am totally agnostic when it comes to rooting for either team. I like the Saints because they have a sub 6’0” quarterback in the all together likeable Drew Brees and I like the Rams because UNI guy Curt Warner led them to a Super Bowl victory when they were in St. Louis.

I will likely root for the Rams because I fully despise New England as a long-suffering Colts fan.

But why in the holy name of Johnny Unitas do we have all of the game-plodding reviews and challenges and officials’ huddles when a call like this can stand. Okay, so you miss the pass interference. The Rams defender went helmet to helmet with the Saints receiver. It was text book targeting. So you miss the targeting, the defender never turned his head to see the ball and plowed directly into the receiver. That is interference.

It was an absolutely awful way to turn a Saints victory into an overtime loss.

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