I have always been fascinated with Israel not just from a Biblical perspective but also a historical one. It has captivated the world for centuries. Israel, of course, was an ancient and powerful kingdom with a checkered past whom God used mightily to change and save the world.

In 1948 on May 14, Israel, after the horrors of the Holocaust came back into existence. President Truman quickly recognized them as a sovereign nation. Today, Israel is at the center, this tiny nation, of almost all world events. It is God’s timepiece for prophecy as well.

That all started with Genesis 12: 1-3. Well, actually God has had it in His plans always but in that passage, God spoke to Abraham and made a covenant promise with him and gave him directions for his future and the world’s. He told Abraham to get out of where he was living; from his extended family and go to a land that God would show him.

God told him that he would make a great nation from him; that He would bless him; that He would make his name great; and that through him the entire world would be blessed. He also said that any nation that blessed Israel would be blessed and any that did not would be cursed. In all, there were four unconditional promises from God.

God kept them all as He does all promises and that is yet another reason we need to be in His Word and know them and how they apply to us. For thousands of years, all three of the major faiths have indeed revered Abraham as a man of faith. His name is revered as God said it would be.

Secondly, God did make from him a great nation. More than 6 million Jews live reborn Israel today and over 5 million more in the United States.

Thirdly, have no doubt that God has blessed the world throughout history through Israel as in medicine, science, art, music and in a plethora of ways, Jewish people have improved the world despite a constant tide in history of anti Semitism. Without the Jews there would have been no Jesus and no Christianity.

Fourthly, God has blessed the nations that blessed Israel such as the United States and has cursed those who have not. Need I mention Babylon, Assyria Rome, Germany, and myriads more and it will always be so. Any nation who raises a hand against them will be on the scrapheap of history as so many have been.

God’s promises to Abraham have been kept and they reveal His plans for all of mankind God has went out of His way to unconditionally keep His promises. It is even more amazing that a nation that had disappeared for so long would be reborn just as the great prophets like Ezekiel and others said it would.

God chose this insignificant people not because of merit or their faith or anything other than His love and sovereign purposes for humanity. The very existence of this nation and its importance to the world shows that even against impossible odds, God will come through as He says He will.

God’s power and goodness and purposes can not be thwarted. It is true that Israel still does not accept Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God, but that day will come too in the future. Israel is indeed God’s timepiece for the greatest event in history.

It is the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God always keeps His promises not just to nations but to us. He promises to make us His child and to be with us and bring us to His eternal Kingdom if we place our faith in His Son… Jesus Christ. How is it with you? Do you know Him? Is He your Savior? Today is a great day to be sure.

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