Well, it is 2019. The other day I stressed in a message I gave, four key hallmarks that should be at the centerpiece of your year.

The first was to seek God's guidance and submit to His direction. Secondly, keep your focus on God's character instead of your circumstances by remembering His promises and past victories He has given you. Thirdly, cultivate a daily life of daily devotions and reading God's Word. Proverbs and Psalms are especially beneficial. Finally, praise God for His caring and willingness to be involved in every facet of your life.

Those are some great tips and I hope you take them to heart. Psalm 16:11 says “You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy." Following those tips will illustrate that verse to be true.

2019 looks like it is going to be quite the year in government and politics. I think it's going to resemble the old tv show the kids in our neighborhood used to watch...All Star Wrestling. You know, Handsome Harley Race, Rufus R. Jones, Bulldog Bob Brown. Lol. The difference is we have Tweeting Donald Trump, Marvelous Maxine Waters, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, and Dapper Chuck Shumer. It's no holds barred, knock down drag out action with no time limits and no rules. In fact there are more eye pokes than Moe did to Curly and Larry. The American people are getting into the act too. It's like the whole country has become reality tv.

It has got to stop. The name calling, bullying, and petulant behavior makes me wonder if all these folks in Washington ever got out of their terrible twos. The fight over spending, a border wall, climate change and everything under the sun is unreal. There are no winners. But let me say this, if America doesn’t get the border under control, we are done. Last week thousands of illegals crossed into the U.S. through El Paso. And like a good fishing tournament, the government did a catch and release.

Why have laws? This can’t be sustained. History is full of examples of failing to control a nation's borders.Ancient Rome fell largely due to that and moral decadence. Europe is basically finished.We are not far behind. Add to this insane movements by Gov. Cuomo in New York to legalize marijuana as a recreational drug and you see that common sense is an endangered art form. We could fill 50 columns with the things we are doing and allowing to create anarchy and national suicide. Our greatest danger is within and unless hearts change, I truly believe that our nation is on the brink.

But I want to add one other point. Evangelical Protestants and Catholics and Conservative Christians have key issues that the entire Christian community should support but there are two imperatives. One is that none of our political concerns should ever take precedence over sharing the Gospel. And secondly, sharing the Gospel is not served by blindly following and turning a blind eye to things and behavior that are tremendously un-Christian in order to get a few carrots. The messenger needs to be worthy of the message and too often we turn a blind eye to that. That hurts the gospel and our witness.

Well, out of time for now. Grace and peace.

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