You know everyone has needs in life. I can sit here right now and ask you for what needs you have and I bet you, like me, can list them pretty easily. And, of course, you probably already know where I am going. The key question is, can God meet all my needs? Notice, I did not say your wants. Needs can be wants and wants can be needs. But wants are not necessatrily needs in our consumer based society.

Paul said in Philippians 4:19 that God can and does meet all of our needs. But then you may say to me, “Yes but I have had this need for years and it is still a need. Where is God in that?”

Well, God does want to meet all of our needs. He also wants us to trust Him completely and not just for the blessing. In other words, we need to keep our focus on Him.

That focus means that our number one need is a relationship with Him. That is our number one need. Our joy should never be determined by our circumstances. I know it helps, though. But peace and joy and contentment come from knowing God and having a relationship with Him. And the only way we can have those is to have a heart set on Him.

Difficulties and challenges always come our way from time to time but we do not have to be disillusioned confused or lost when they do if we have the right focus and trust Him. Trying to get your needs met apart from God just does not work. Never. It does lead to disappointment and frustration. Always. All of us wonder sometimes if God is on the job and hears our prayers. He does but we still wonder and ponder why nothing may be happening. But it is important to realize that He always does the right thing by us. He is the one who knows how to effectively meet our real needs and come through for us. Yet, we do struggle. It usually is because we think we know better than God. We think we know best on how and when things ought to happen.

The truth is that to have our needs met, we need to totally trust Him. He knows what is best and if there is a delay it is for our good. Waiting even brings greater blessings our way. It makes our faith stronger and causes us to rely on Him. It also diminishes our control and self sufficiency and fierce independence which can get us in trouble.

Secondly, when we trust Him we allow Him to work fully in our lives. He wants to stretch and grow our faith. He knows how we will respond but He wants us to learn how to say yes to His plans even when we do not have all the information and facts. The classic story of Abraham in Genesis12:1-3 is a classic example of that.

The third step is to trust and WAIT for Him. In a very true sense, our unmet needs are a type of trial. It is a trial because its lack of fulfillment can feel really painful and it then can be tempting because it urges us to turn from God and do things our way. But James says in 1:12 that “blessed is the man who perseveres under trial because havoing withstood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”

So, in a nutshell… God does meet all of our needs in His timing and in a way that benefits us. If there is a delay, there is a pressure to give up or give in. But if you keep your eyes on the Lord and follow Him, no matter what, you will see some marvelous answers to prayer and your needs being met. James also said in James 1:4 that “as we trust Him for our needs, we will be mature and complete lacking in nothing.” The bottom line is as Paul said, God will supply all of your needs and your unwavering trust in Him and that promise will at just the right time bring you some amazing results. Count on it. Pray for it. And watch God come through for you.

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