This is such an important exciting time of year if you are a sports fan. Major League Baseball season is in the home stretch ( and finally the Cardinals are making some noise), the Iowa Cubs are in the playoffs, college football and high school football are under way, volleyball and cross country are exciting etc.

And if you love fall, the weather has been fantastic though fall is not officially under way. St. Patrick’s God’s Portion Day was another rousing success as a kind of prelude to a plethora of dinners and festivals that now will be in full swing. It is a special time of year.

But you know, every time of year is special. And every day God gives us should be exciting. It is a wonderful thing to know God loves us and blesses us with so many things. My hope for you in this season of the year is that you see God’s blessings all around you and that you find the excitement of knowing God’s love in a personal way. And also with that I hope you really make it a point to make sure this fall to be involved in a church of your choice. You know King David said in Psalm 122:1 “I rejoiced will those who said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord.”

That Psalm reflects some important things that David knew. Attendance in church can be exciting as it is a chance to meet with God. Secondly, he considered it a chance to worship with friends. Thirdly, it fulfilled the purpose for which God had created Him. Let your worship and this fall be part of your life. It will add to your life greatly.

Now, to other things... do you believe in miracles? Well, if you are a Christian, I hope so. Do you need a miracle in your life or in the life of someone you know? I will tell you that miracles still happen in our world but it is important to look at a key verse in the Gospel of Matthew. In Matthew 13:58 it says, “He, (Jesus), did not do so many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”

Unbelief and doubt are like a wet blanket on a smoldering fire. It keeps anything from really getting started. I am convinced that we miss many miracles all around us but that we also allow our doubts to short circuit God’s best for us.

Granted, we do not have the power to short circuit the Lord from acting on our behalf or best interests, but a lack of faith can limit Him from pouring out His unlimited goodness on our lives and endeavors. He knows the level of our faith and He wants us to exercise the faith we have that it will grow stronger and deeper. We should not doubt Him.

We need to trust and believe His Word and to understand who He really is. He is awesome and nothing is too difficult for Him. Add to that that He cares deeply and intimately for us. That is an incredible combination.

Get in His Word, trust and know His promises. Pray consistently and believe and expect His intervention on your behalf. Miracles still happen. Watch for yours as you look to Him.

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