State Clay Championships

Pictured with Caleb Folkerts and Lauren Kaldenberg are skeet coaches Don Niebuhr and Gary Scott.

On June 15-16 Caleb Folkerts and Lauren Kaldenberg competed in the Iowa High School state sporting clays championships. And the next weekend they competed in the Iowa High School state skeet championships.

This year the team competed as individuals as opposed to a squad in both events since three shooters are required to make up a squad.

Kaldenberg has been shooting skeet for three years. “She has improved to where I believe she could be one of the top female skeet shooters in the state,” said Coach Gary Scott. The sporting clays championship was the first time she had competed in this discipline. Of 200 sporting clays targets, Kaldenberg broke 97 and placed 29th of 31 girls. Of 150 skeet targets she broke 127 placing her 15th out of 31 girls.

This was Caleb Folkerts' first year shooting skeet and second year for sporting clays. “As with Lauren, I believe Caleb also can be one of the top in the state. Through the season Caleb racked up some very good scores in skeet and sporting clays for a first year shooter,” said Coach Scott.

Of 200 sporting clays targets Folkerts broke 142, placing him 29th of 120 boys. In skeet, he broke 128 of 150 targets, placing him 63rd of 102 boys.

The competition for these two disciplines was very fierce. To win in skeet a shooter has to be nearly perfect, if not perfect. In sporting clays, competitors must score at least 80 percent if not 90-95 percent to win.

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