Two state titles and a third place team finish. Not a bad weekend for the Albia Archers. Peyton Popson won the Middle School 3D individual championship, the Elementary team won the Bullseye championship and the Elementary team finished third in 3D competition.

Iowa Archery in the Schools State Archery meet was held March 9-10 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. “The coaches felt like we had a great few weeks of practice heading in to the tournament,” said Coach Brad DeMoss. “We were able to use 3D targets from Bluff Creek Bow shop and I feel that really helped our kids get better on knowing where to aim. We were in the top 10 for almost every team event going into the tournament and was hoping we could go up there and come home with some hardware.”

Saturday was 3D competition. “We had a very good day with the Elementary team bring home the third place trophy. We also placed 11th for Middle school and 12th for High school.”

Albia had several top 10 individuals in 3D including Middle School state champion Peyton Popson who shot 281 out of 300. Teammate Anna Wildt finished in 9th with a 270. Mckenna Montgomery was 9th with a 234 for the Elementary girls. Drake Irwin finished in 2nd place with a 265, Tucker Carter shot a 254 for 7th place and Trent Hindman finished in 10th place with a 246. W

The Elementary team finished 3rd out of seven teams and shot a 1457. Scores included: Drake Irwin 265, Tucker Carter 254, Trent Hindman 246, Mckenna Montgomery 234, Lilly DeMoss 231, Parker Hemann 227, Gunner Thomas 222, Evan Tague 219, Arlan Dean Rowe 211, Kameron Veasley 210, Lorelai Maddy 202 and Eli Hilton 156.

The Middle school team finished 11th out of 15 teams and shot a 1557 including: Peyton Popson 281, Anna Wildt 270, Carson Tometich 255, Trevor Terrell 253, Jalynn Skinner 250, Kervin Veasley 248, Lily Orsini 245, Olivia Kaster 244, Marissa Moley 239, Nikko Dobson 220, Grant Wilsom 211 and Carter Folkerts 208.

The High School team finished 12th out of 17 teams and shot a 1636 including: Kimberly Woods 280, Colton Gillaspie 276, Zoey Kent 274, Nika Spaur 271, Gavin Shaw 268, Caleb Folkerts 267, Shelby Rozenboom 264, Aaron Sample 258, Hailey Smith 254, Sherryl Mae Rowe 252, Logan Spaur 249 and Jasmine Hughes 234.

On Sunday teams shot in the Bullseye side of the tournament. “We had our archery teams in the final two flights of the day, so, our teams knew what they needed to shoot to place in the top three and bring home some hardware,” said Coach DeMoss. In the last flight of the tournament, the Elementary team played spoiler to the top three teams, shooting a 3019 to claim the State Championship. They only beat the second place team by five points.

The Middle school team shot a 3170 to finish 13th out of 30 teams and the High school shot a 3282 to finish 14th out of 31 teams.

Top 10 individuals in Bullseye included: Drake Irwin 3rd with a 276, Tucker Carter 4th with a 270 and Parker Hemann 7th with a 265 for the Elementary team. Peyton Popson was 5th with a 282 for the Middle school team. Kimberly Woods was 8th with a 287 for the High school team.

Members of the State Champion Elementary team are: Drake Irwin 276, Tucker Carter 270, Parker Hemann 265, Kylie Carter 257, Arlan Dean Rowe 257, Evan Tague 252, Mckenna Montgomery 252, Trent Hindman 243, Gunner Thomas 242, Elaina Rozenboom 240, Lilly DeMoss 238, Kameron Veasley 227, Maggie McAninch 222, Fletcher Mick 219, Brady Reed 215, Jay Thompson 214, Jonny Henderson 210, Jillian Sturtz 206, Kayden Henderson 197, Lorelai Maddy 195, Eli Hilton 193, Keaton Gee 188, Ashlynn Reed 177 and Wyatt Sampson 150.

Members of the Middle school team are: Peyton Popson 282, Marissa Moley 277, Payton Smith 270, Kervin Veasley 270, Anna Wildt 269, Carson Tometich 268, Trevor Terrell 267, Lily Orsini 262, Josie Sturtz 254, Kathryn Maddy 254, Olivia Kaster 252, Anthony Sample 245, Averi Grace Drake 250, Jalynn Skinner 250, Chloe DeMoss 249, Joseph Sample 244, Grant Wilson 244, Nikko Dobson 244, Serene Thompson 243, Carter Folkerts 238, Harmony Hughes 236, Dylan Beebe 234, Emma Doll 229 and Jade Henderson 218.

Members of the High school team are: Kimberly Woods 287, Ellie Cloyed 284, Colton Gillaspie 280, Aaron Sample 280, Nika Spaur 279, Gavin Shaw 274, Sherryl Mae Rowe 271, Caleb Folkerts 270, Logan Spaur 265, Shelby Rozenboom 265, Zoey Kent 265, Hailey Smith 262, Jasmine Hughes 261, Ethan Drake 258, Jayden Popejoy 254, Colton Hammons 238, Abigal Rhodes 237, Hunter DeMoss 217 and Emily Prescott 207.

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