The Monroe County Fair Board held auctions during various livestock shows and events during the fair to raise funds for deserving senior 4-H & FFA exhibitors that will be graduating in 2022.  The auctions were an extreme success for the second year in a row and $6,825  was raised.  This is only made possible by the tremendous support of both donors and buyers alike.  The board would like to thank and acknowledge the following:

Van Wall Equipment, Ozings Feeds, Stocker Farms, J.J. Nichting Company, Kevin & Angela Wilson, Blaine & Billie Stout, Napa Auto Parts - Frank, Annie & Frankie Tharp, Dustin & Stephanie Dowdy & Family, Crall Pioneer Seed, Belzer's Equipment, Mick's Furniture, Leighton Locker, Bogie's Steak House, Paul & Nikki Ammons,

Also, Steve & Jayne Rozenboom, Logan Rozenboom, Nathan Crall, John, Payten & Charlie Knowles, Mark & Lisa Shepard & Family, Jim & Amie Koffman & Family, Chris Spence, Lathrop Farms, Dean & Nathalie Lathrop, Welcome Inn, Justin & Becky Rozenboom & Family, Carl & Lois Kendall, Landon & Brittany Cason & Family, Cason's Boer Goats, Chad Lathrop & Macey Romanco, Sweet Pickins, Randy & Carol Rozenboom, Double D Repair, Jeff Lathen, Kyle & Chelsea Bachman & Family, Otis & Heather Hoskins & Family, Duke Carter, Catherine Burkman,

Also, Kevin & Wendy Dyson, Mark Keeton, Doug & Christy Hoksbergen & Family, Denny & Karen Amoss, Feehan's Pub, Log Chain Express, Cason's Pride & Joy Simmentals, Denny & Janet Cason, Brian & Gina Crall & Family, Mike & Jane Knowles, Jennifer Harter, Cory Greiman, Sinclair Tractor, Falvey Lumber, Steve & Gloria Crall, Jerry & Diane Durian, Brooke's Cupcakes, Susie Smith, Adam & Amanda Rozenboom, Blackridge Family Cattle, Lynne Pinnegar, and Brenda Hatfield.  

Without this outstanding support the scholarship fund would not be possible.