Albia Community High School seniors and alumni received over $350,000 in local scholarship awards at Friday’s Senior Awards Ceremony, held in the newly air conditioned A Gym.

That amount does not include a number of athletic scholarships given to ACHS students from colleges and universities.

There were a number of first time scholarships awarded, including the Samantha Ellis Packard Memorial, the Seal of Biliteracy, the Simon Estes Scholarship, the Zachary Bates Memorial, the Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa scholarship and the Alive and Running Scholarship.

The top seven percent of the class was announced and included Logan DeBrouse, McKenna Jones, Brock Ratliff, Travis Sheffield and Marin Throckmorton. Ratliff was also announced as a Des Moines Register Academic All-Stater and Governor’s Scholar.

Five seniors received Silver Service recognition for volunteerism including Hailey Smith, McKenna Streigel, Nick Heffron, Brock Ratliff and Allison Major.

Indian Hills Community College recognized Olivia Teno for receiving her two-year Associate of Arts Degree, Garritt Scholtus for receiving his two-year completer degree in auto diesel from the Albia Career Academy and Cadence Rhodes, Josie Stickell and Kimberly Woods for receiving their two-year completer degrees from the Rathbun Area Career Academy.

Allison Major received the Wayne E. Cooley Award for outstanding female athlete and Travis Sheffield received the Bernie Saggau Award for outstanding male athlete. Danica Workman and Nick Heffron were Wendy’s High School Heisman Award winners, an award presented to the nation’s top students in athletics, academics, student leadership and community service.


Silver Service Award: Nick Heffron, Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Hailey Smith, McKenna Striegel.

Presidential Award of Educational Excellence (3.5 GPA or higher): Jaicee Bettis, Blake Chance, Logan DeBrouse, David Fisher, Nick Heffron, Jaden Hugen, Parker Johnson, MacKenna Jones, Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Travis Sheffield, Hailey Smith, Blake Stewart, McKenna Striegel, Olivia Teno, Marin Throckmorton, Isabella Wilson, Taylee Wolfer, Kimberly Woods, Danica Workman, Faith Zanoni.

Presidential Award of Educational Achievement (GPA of 3.0 to 3.49): Emma Bennett, Jacob Briggs, Jackson DeMoss, Caleb Folkerts, Jenna Francis, Michael Gillaspie, Tiffany Hummel, Jenny Kelley, Cali Jourdan, Zoey Kent, Ben Leshen, Chase Maddison, Glacia Nichols, Trenton Nichols, Landon Noe, Camden O’Brien, Tessa Orsini, Tatum Pearson, Joseph Pistek, Brenda Quigley, Abigail Rhodes, Cadence Rhodes, Gage Shaffer, Rachel Showers, Austin Stanley, Josie Stickell, Paul Swanson, Alyson Tenney, Max Teno, Tein Thiravong, Caleb Toopes, Liam Winfield, Andrew Ford.

Governor’s Scholar Recognition Program: Brock Ratliff

Principal’s Leadership Award: Jackson Demoss, David Fisher, Nicholas Heffron, Jaden Hugen, Tiffany Hummel, Jennifer Kelley, Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Travis Sheffield, Emilee Smith, Austin Stanley, McKenna Striegel, Liam Winfield, Danica Workman, Faith Zanoni.

Seal of Biliteracy: Andrew Ford, Olivia Teno, Landon Noe, Brock Ratliff.

Hixson Opportunity (Est. over 8 semesters $18,000): Nicholas Heffron, McKenna Striegel

Tharp Funeral Home Scholarship ($500) Isabella Wilson, Ben Leshen, Blake Chance, Allison Major

Indian Hills Community College Awards: Completed A.A Degree, Olivia Teno; Albia Area Career Academy Recognition, Auto Diesel & Machining 2 year completers: Gerritt Scholtus

Rathbun Area Career Academy 2 year Completer: Cadence Rhodes, Josie Stickell, Kimberly Woods

IHCC Foundation Scholarships: Glacia Nichols, Business Specialist Club $1,200; Jacob Briggs Choir $1,200; Taylee Wolfer, Choir $1,200; Payton Rubel, Const Tech $1,200; Caleb Toopes, Culinary Arts $1,200; Tatum Pearson, Drama & Choir $1,200; Rachel Showers, Drama & Choir $1,200; Millie Maddy, Early Childhood $600; Carolynn Gillaspie, Education Club $1,200; Garret Major, Education Club $1,200; Brenda Quigley, Education Club $1,200; Abigail Rhodes, Education Club $1,200; Cadence Rhodes, Faye Rosenman-Porton Memorial $1,200; Jennifer Jones-Kelley Fisher-Dematteis Family $1,000; Emilee Smith, Gladys & Harold Reighard Memorial $1,000; Josie Stickell, John M. and Hannah L. Roland Perpetual $1,000; Matteo Bender, Kathryn Johnson Trust $1,000; Jackson Demoss, Kathryn Johnson Trust $1,000; Andrew Ford, Kathryn Johnson Trust $1,000; Tiffany Hummel, Kathryn Johnson Trust $1,000; Jenna Francis, Marjorie L. Riley $1,000;

Gerritt Scholtus, Mark E. Tucker $700: Gage Shaffer, Mary & Dale Andringa $1,000; Marin Throckmorton, Paul S. and Robert L. Shepherd Trust $2,000; Paul Swanson, President's Academy $7,500;

Jeremiah Johnson, Rosenman Academic $1,400; Allison Major, Rosenman Academic $2,000; Blake Stewart, Rosenman Academic $2,000; Jaicee Bettis, Southeast Iowa Donors Foundation $1,000; Jennifer Jones-Kelley, Sustainable Ag/Animal Science Club $600; Joseph, Sustainable Ag/Animal Science Club $1,200; Max Teno, Winger Contracting 600.

Better Business Bureau Award: Travis Sheffield

Josh Wuebker Memorial Scholarship: $500 Logan DeBrouse

Ben Grayson Lions Club Scholarship: $500 Landon Noe

Pella Rolscreen Sons & Daughters Scholarship: $1,500 Allison Major

Albia Eagles Aerie (& Auxiliary): $250, Tein Thiravong, Jacob Briggs

Albia Eagles Auxiliary: $250 Taylee Wolfer, Halle Hindman

National FFA Scholarship/Sinclair Tractor: Nicholas Heffron

Joe Anderson Memorial Scholarship: $250 Jeremiah Johnson, Brock Ratliff, Travis Sheffield, Danica Workman

Charles Mordan Memorial Scholarship: $250 Stephen Conley

Jarred Crall Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 Nick Heffron

A & L Apartments: $1,000 Jenny Kelley

Jimmy Carr Memorial: $200 Nick Heffron

Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc: $1,000 Allison Major

Chariton Valley Electric Scholarship: $1,500 Stephen Conley

Chariton Valley Youth Tour Scholarship: $1,000 Allison Major, $1,000 Nicholas Heffron

Peoples State Bank: $1,000 Halle Hindman, Jaden Hugen, Chase Maddison, Allison Major, Olivia Teno

Trinity United Methodist Service Scholarship: $400 Chase Maddison, Tessa Orsini, Austin Stanley, Hailey Smith

Simon Estes: $750 Tatum Pearson, Faith Zanoni

Paul Peterson Vocal Scholarship: $500 Hailey Smith, Taylee Wolfer

Summers Insurance Scholarship: Jacob Briggs, David Fisher, Halle Hindman, Landon Noe, Camden O’Brien, Cadence Rhodes, Austin Stanley, Olivia Teno, Liam Winfield, Danica Workman, Faith Zanoni

Pete Sarver Memorial Scholarship: $500 Nicholas Heffron, McKenna Striegel

Albia Rotary Scholarship: $500 Allison Major, McKenna Streigel, David Fisher, Max Teno

Dr. Dean & Mary Stocker Rotary Scholarship: $1,000 Nick Heffron

Albia Chamber of Commerce: $250 Taylee Wolfer; $150 Nick Heffron; $100 Jaden Hugen, David Fisher, Allison Major, Mckenna Striegel, Max Teno, Danica Workman

Pheasant’s Forever: $500 Joseph Pistek

Zachary Bates Memorial Music Scholarship: $1,000 Camden O’Brien, $,1000 Hailey Smith

Monroe County Healthcare Foundation Scholarship: $250 Cadence Rhodes, Blake Chance, Liam Winfield

Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Nick Heffron

Citizenship Awards: Jacob Briggs, David Fisher, Nick Heffron, Jaden Hugen, Parker Johnson, Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Travis Sheffield, Hailey Smith, Austin Stanley, McKenna Streigel, Max Teno, Olivia Teno, Isabella Wilson, Liam Winfield, Taylee Wolfer, Danica Workman, Faith Zanoni

Iowa Bar Association & Citizenship Scholarship: $500 McKenna Striegel

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa Scholarship: $1,000 Blake Chance

Dave Clark Memorial Scholarship: $1,200 Brock Ratliff

Quality Ag Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship: $500, Nick Heffron, McKenna Streigel, $250 Halle Hindman, Jennifer Kelly Joe Pistek

Rino and Ruth Della Vedova Scholarship: $175,000 (Total Amount) Class of 2021, David Fisher, Brock Ratliff, Travis Sheffield; Alumni, Joe Beary, Barrett Bonnett, Ian Flahive, Trent Garver, Jer McAninch,

Brandon Persons, Sherryl Rowe, Karter Spieler, Michael Thomas, Adam Waber, Andrew Winke, Bradley Yenger

American Legion Post : $250 Max Teno, Nicholas Heffron, Isabella Wilson, Brock Ratliff, Allison Major

First Iowa State Bank: $500 Nick Heffron

First Iowa State Bank/Agriculture Future of America: $4,450 McKenna Striegel

National Honor Society Scholarship: $50 Allison Major, Travis Sheffield

Farm Bureau Scholarship; $250 McKenna Streigel, $250 Halle Hindman, $500 Nick Heffron

Harold & Gloria Mick Scholarship: $500, Jaicee Bettis, Marin Throckmorton, Isabella Wilson, Olivia Teno, Ben Leshen, Abigail Rhodes, Austin Stanley, MacKenna Jones, Camden O’Brien, Glacia Nichols, Parker Johnson, Hailey Smith, Brayden Messamaker, Halle Hindman, Max Teno, Joseph Pistek, Travis Sheffield, Trey Griffin, Chase Maddison, Blake Chance, Cadence Rhodes, Jaden Hugen, Nick Heffron, Jenna Francis, Jenny Kelley, Liam Winfield, Jacob Briggs, Faith Zanoni, Jackson DeMoss, Rachel Showers, McKenna Striegel, Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Danica Workman, Tein Thiravong, David Fisher, Logan DeBrouse

Alive & Running: (A suicide prevention scholarship) $1,500 Hailey Smith, Tein Thiravong, Danica Workman

Delbert & Shirley Gray Scholarship: $1,000 McKenna Striegel, Nicholas Heffron

Donnalle Van Zante Memorial Scholarship: $500 Faith Zanoni

Weller Altar & Rosary Scholarship: $150 Nick Heffron

Helen & Denny Homerin Scholarship: $1,000, Logan DeBrouse, Bella Wilson

Joanna Regenold Scholarship: $150 Jackson DeMoss

John W. Hartzel Scholarship: $500 Glacia Nichols

Lauren & Rowena Hardinger Scholarship: $200 Blake Stewart, Allison Major

Susie & Raymond Kegel Memorial Scholarship: $1,500, Nick Heffron, Chase Maddison, McKenna Striegel, Olivia Teno

Albia Band Parent’s Scholarship: $250 Hailey Smith

Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship: $2,000 Jaden Hugen

Bob D. Reed Memorial Scholarship: $500 Hailey Smith

Justin Smithberg Memorial Scholarship : $500 Brock Ratliff

Michael A. Jones Scholarship: $100 Brock Ratliff, Jackson DeMoss, Allison Major, Jacob Briggs, Camden O’Brien

Thank you for being a Friend (Samantha Ellis Packard Memorial): $250 Liam Winfield, Halle Hindman

Knights of Columbus : $250 Nicholas Heffron, Allison Major, Joseph Pistek, Jr.

Monroe County Child Abuse Prevention Scholarship: $250 Tiffany Hummel

Albia Academic Scholarship: $100 David Fisher

Frances Edgington Scholarship: $500 Parker Johnson, Jenny Kelley

Pepsi Scholarship: $500 Tiffany Hummel

Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District: $500 Nick Heffron

Chapter H PEO Scholarship: $400 Allison Major, $200 Jenna Francis, Hailey Smith, Faith Zanoni

St. Mary’s Altar & Rosary Service Award: Allison Major, Taylee Wolfer, Max Teno, McKenna Streigel, Joseph Pistek, Liam Winfield, Bella Wilson

Kness Manufacturing Scholarship: $500 Allison Major, Austin Stanley, Ben Leshen, Chase Maddison, Glacia Nichols, Jackson DeMoss, Jacob Briggs, Jaden Hugen, Jenna Francis, Landon Noe, Logan DeBrouse, Max Teno, Olivia Teno, Tein Thiravong

LeGrand Scholarship: $1,000 Nick Heffron, Logan DeBrouse

J-BIC Scholarship: $500 Jaicee Bettis, Cadence Rhodes

Betty Stocker Memorial Scholarship: $1000 Blake Chance

Team Chance Scholarship: $400 Blake Chance, Nicholas Heffron, Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Max Teno, Taylee Wolfer, Danica Workman

Cattlemen’s Scholarship: $1,000 Halle Hindman, Joe Pistek, Nick Heffron, McKenna Striegel

Mildred Jayne & Ham Moore Scholarship: Twin Cedars or Albia Community High School will receive $12,550. (current graduates) Tein Thiravong, Brock Ratliff, David Fisher, Mckenna Striegel, Nicholas Heffron, Tiffany Hummel, Travis Sheffield, Allison Major, Logan DeBrouse; (past graduates)Valerie Beary, Makenna Ross.

Des Moines Register Academic All-State: Brock Ratliff

Wayne E. Cooley Award: Allison Major

Bernie Saggau Award: Travis Sheffield

Wendy’s High School Heisman School Award Winners: Danica Workman and Nick Heffron

2020-21 Elite Letter Winner: The Elite Letter is awarded annually to any Albia senior who has earned a total of 10 or 15 Varsity Letters over their high school career in one of the following combinations: 10 Fine Arts, 10 Athletic Letters or 15 Letters between the two categories.

Athletic: Allison Major, Brock Ratliff, Max Teno, Danica Workman

Fine Arts: Tatum Pearson, Hailey Smith, Austin Stanley, Caleb Toopes, Faith Zanoni

Both: Travis Sheffield, Taylee Wolfer