The process of recruiting and electing new board members is key to strengthening the cooperative organization that strives to provide unequaled and unparalleled service to its members. Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC) board members have a voice in shaping the cooperative's future while working alongside a group of people who share a likeminded commitment to the democratic process. The terms for three directors, representing Districts 1, 3 and 5, will expire at this year's Annual Meeting in August. District 1 has no incumbent.

For anyone interested, a director's responsibility consists of having the knowledge to set policies and approve strategic plans that are the basis for operating the cooperative. A director must have the time to attend monthly board meetings, other special sessions and educational seminars. These special sessions and seminars are necessary in order to keep directors informed on the always evolving aspects of the electric utility industry.

How a board manages the nomination process is very reflective of its commitment to the cooperative principles. CVEC recently amended the bylaws, changing how the nominating process is handled. This amendment was implemented to make the process easier and more accessible to members interested in seeking a board seat while also being more democratic.

Any interested member who would like to seek election will need to complete the Director Candidate Petition Packet and submit the signatures of at least fifteen (15) members in good standing with the cooperative who reside in the district for which the individual is seeking the nomination.

You may request a packet by visiting our website at, calling (641) 932-7126 or emailing

Prospective board candidates must submit the required forms to CVEC no later than June 3, 2021, at 4:30 p.m