The Albia City Council met for their regular meeting Monday, June 6 with all members present. The council, mayor and city attorney and clerk also sat at the same table for the first time in months as they ended social distancing during meetings for themselves.

The council held a public hearing at the request of Ron Williams regarding non-running vehicles on his property. Williams said he was unaware of the city ordinance that stated that all vehicles on in Albia must be currently licensed and running or have to be stored inside a building.

Williams asked for more time to take care of the vehicles on his property and city attorney Bob Breckenridge said he could have another 30 days for a total of 45 days to take care of the situation.

The council then considered a request from CD Accounting Services, located at 103 Benton Ave. E. to make the parking spot on Benton Ave. E. at the intersection of Benton Ave. E. and S. Main St. a handicapped parking spot.

The owner said that since the curb is unusually high she has had several elderly and disabled clients fall or become injured trying to step up onto the curb and the only other handicapped parking space is on the highway, where it is difficult to get out of your vehicle because of fast traffic. The council voted to approve the request.

The council looked at bids to place a cable guardrail system along the sewer access road that will be used by heavy equipment and trucks during an upcoming project. The city received one bid from Kaster Fabrication, LLC of Albia for $11,644.80. The fence will be approximately 650 feet long and will have one cable supported by steel beams placed 48 inches into the ground without concrete so they can potentially be removed later. The council approved the bid 5-1 with Merle Regenold voting no.

The council approved the second reading and waived the third reading of a proposed ordinance creating a no parking zone on South A Street between 4th and 5th Avenue West from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on school days. The vote was 5-1 with Scott Kelly voting no.

The council approved the first reading of an ordinance revising the over width vehicle parking ordinance. If the ordinance is eventually approved over width vehicles will be able to park on city streets between dusk and dawn if they receive a permit and have adequate lighting on the vehicle to make it visible.

In other business:

• The council approved a letter regarding extension to the compliance schedule based on the permit issues from the DNR.

• The council approved written resolutions for budget amendments for FY 2021 and FY 2022.

• The council approved a tax exemption application for the construction of a new storage unit.

• Beer and liquor permit renewals for White Buffalo and Brick Street were approved

• The mayor’s appointment of Donna Coady to the Albia Housing Board was approved.

• The council briefly discussed placing a camera at the brush dump and council member Brandon Williams said he would research cameras.

• The council approved assessing mowing costs to several properties for property tax collection. They included 323 South 2nd - $300, 121 North 9th - $300, 414 North Clinton - $300, 123 South 2nd St. - $300, 113 Benton Ave. W. - $600, 1203 Benton Ave. E. - $600, 115 D Ave. W. - $300, 216 A Ave. E. - $300, 809 South C St. - $300, 507 Ave. E. - $300, 21 11th Ave. W. - $300, 117 15th Ave. W. - $300, 212 15th Ave. W. - $300, 222 South 2nd St. - $300.

• The council also heard from a resident of 320 South 5th Street about a neighbor parking in an alley who blocks them in and the requested no parking signs be put up on the alley. The council said they would consider that, but that he should first call the police to ticket the individual when he is blocking them in.