The Albia City Council met Monday, Oct. 4 for their regular meeting with all members present.

The council first approved the minutes from their previous meeting and approved claims before moving on to the rest of the agenda.

The council then heard from Clint Sinclair from Albia Day Care about a proposed expansion. They have grown from 21 kids to 54 kids which is the capacity of their current building. Sinclair said they also have a waitlist of 45 children.

Sinclair said that the day care has found a used modular classroom that they can purchase. The city would need to give permission for the classroom to be on the property, and would need to run sewer, water and electric to it. It would be a 24x68 foot building. The building would let them add 30 more kids and will cost about $57,000 with the total project estimated to cost around $70,000.

Sinclair said the day care has a plan to build a new building or add on to their existing building in the future but this is the best option to serve the people in need of services now. The council voted to approve the expansion.

The council then discussed approving payment for the completion of the Albia Trails. The council approved the final payment with councilwoman Leslie Hill abstaining.

The council then discussed implementing a bidding policy for city departments. The council first discussed the topic during their last meeting and city attorney Bob Breckenridge said he would draft a proposed policy to bring before the council for consideration. The council voted to approve the proposed policy.

Theresa Christopherson’s reappointment to the Board of Adjustment was approved by the council.

The council then discussed a concern about Cruzin’ Albia Park sidewalk brought up by Janice Crall. The sidewalks are in very bad shape and Street Commissioner Jeff Stephens recommended fixing them or tearing them out. The council voted to patch the sidewalks now and seek cost estimates to have them replaced next year. The council said Stephens could also get estimates on the sidewalks around the old hotel lot just north of the Square.

The ongoing problem with the sewer at Albia City Hall becoming frequently clogged was then discussed by the council. Mayor Richard Clark had brought up the problem a few weeks ago and said the problem has happened about four times now. They believe there is a dip in the sewer line that had water and toilet paper collecting in it causing the clogs. The council voiced approval for hiring a company to fix the problem.

The council approved a beer/liquor permit renewal for Albia BP and a new beer/liquor permit for Family Dollar.

The council approved assessing mowing costs to property tax for collection for 113 Benton Ave. West - $300, 121 North 9th - $300, 115 D Ave. West - $300, and 507 A Ave. East - $300.

During council comments, councilman Brandon Williams said that a concern had been brought to him that there was a large amount of dog poop around the shelter at the reservoir. There is a designated area for dogs nearby and Williams asked the council if they would like to put up a sign reminding people to pick up their dog’s excrement. The council voiced approval for the idea.