Rock thief damages Monroe County road

Monroe County Engineer Jeremiah Selby said that someone has stolen recently laid down rock from 130th Street in Monroe County resulting in not only loss of the new rock but damage to the underlying road.

Selby talked about the situation after the most recent Monroe County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Selby said the damage occurred on 130th Street just east of 515th Avenue in northwest Monroe County. Selby said the county had just completed putting new rock down in the area on June 24. He said he received a call from a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy on June 25 reporting the theft and damage.

Selby said there are four or five places on the road where the rock as well as the first few inches of the hard cap of the road have been gouged out and removed.

Selby said the damage will cause soft areas on the road and that each time it rains in the fall and spring, the damaged areas will soften up because the rain will get into the base of the road. Selby said the county will pack rock into the areas to try and repair the hard cap but it will not completely evenly match the current road surface.

Selby said that stealing rock like this sometimes happens, but the road usually is not damaged. Selby asked that anytime someone sees someone removing rock from a road to report it to the authorities.

Selby also asked anyone with information about this incident to contact the supervisors or the sheriff’s office. The supervisors said they were fully ready to seek prosecution if the person responsible could be found.