Election 2020

It appears that the next president of the United States is Joe Biden, although lawsuits filed by Donald Trump in multiple “battleground” states may have something to say about the national news networks declaring a winner.

The story in Monroe County, however, is a Red tidal wave. There is still a question as to the District 4 U.S. House election. Mariannette Miller-Meeks held a 300-vote edge over Democrat Rita Hart on election night until an apparent glitch in Jasper County gave Hart a 162 vote lead. But as of Tuesday, a recount in Lucas County has given Miller-Meeks a 37-vote edge.

Stay tuned.

Monroe County voters gave the Ottumwa physician and state senator Miller-Meeks a huge 2,611-1,201 (68.49 percent) edge over Hart.

Monroe County experienced a 79 percent turnout of registered voters, casting 4,084 votes. Monroe County voted 2,974-1,078 for President Trump, a nearly 73 percent margin of victory. Iowa gave Trump a seven-point victory and will prove critical to his electoral success should he win re-election.

Monroe County voters gave Joni Ernst a 68.43 percent victory (2,742-1,147) over Theresa Greenfield. Her U.S. Senate seat was targeted by the national Democratic Party and out-of-state donors. She won re-election by a relatively safe 51.8 percent margin.

Oskaloosa farmer Ken Rozenboom won re-election to Iowa Senate District 40 with a whopping 75 percent of the vote over Lance Roorda (2,844-961).

Holly Brink ran unopposed and won re-election to House District 80 with 3,156 votes.

Mike Beary (R) received 2,667 votes for supervisor to become Iowa’s longest serving county supervisor. John Hughes (D) won re-election with 2,350 votes.

Democrat county auditor Amanda Harlan ran unopposed and received 3,022 votes for her re-election.

Dan Johnson (D) won re-election as sheriff with 3,044 votes running unopposed.

Marilee Scieszinski and Ann Stocker were re-elected to the Monroe County Hospital Board.

Jim Nelson, Marvin Wirtjes and Don Niebuhr were elected as commissioners to the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Kim Wynn, Jon Bradley, Megan Evinger and Renee Peterson-Howell were elected to the Monroe County Extension Council. Christine Wilson was elected to the council to fill a vacancy.

Monroe County gave yes votes to retain all judges.

Absentee ballots

There were a record 2,271 absentee ballots cast in Monroe County with almost identical results from the day of voting numbers.

Trump received 62.09 percent of the vote to Biden’s 37.16 percent; Ernst received 59 percent to Greenfield’s 38 percent; Miller-Meeks received 59 percent to Hart’s 41 percent; and Rozenboom received 65.75 percent to Roorda’s 34.25 percent.

Story on change of Monroe County’s political landscape can be found in Tuesday's Monroe County News.

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