Albia FFA Members

FFA Members attending the awards night included: from left, front, Abby Peterson, Lauren Kaldenberg, Becca Pistek, and Jorryn Crall; middle, Paige Kidney, Cali Stocker, Brayton Striegel, Ellie Cloyed, and Stephanie Beary; Back, Curtis Clark, Nick Heffron, Joe Pistek, Logan Rozenboom, Joe Teno, and Janelle Clark; back, Case Stocker, Landon Rozenboom, Reganne Eads, Brianna Wolfer, and McKenna Striegel.

The Albia FFA Chapter was finally able to hold their annual awards presentation amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. The annual banquet was originally scheduled in April, but due to all school activities being cancelled, so was the banquet. The chapter was able to hold an awards night on July 16 at the Monroe County Fairgrounds with 48 members and guests present

Members who had participated in either Career Development Events or Leadership Development Events were recognized with their certificates, ribbons, or plaques.

Fruit & Cheese sales awards were presented: $500 Salesperson Awards went to: Abby Peterson, Becca Pistek, Brayton Striegel, Brianna Wolfer, Carter Kosman, Case Stocker, Cooper Gray, Gracie Smith, Makenna Cronin, McKenna Striegel, Nick Heffron, Paige Kidney, Paul Ballard, Rebecca Hatfield, Reganne Eads, Sayler Rozenboom, Stephanie Beary, and Sydney Hoskins. $1,000 Salesperson awards went to: Cali Stocker, Halle Hindman, Janelle Clark, Joe Pistek, and Landon Rozenboom. $1,500 Salesperson awards went to: Emma Bradley and Jorryn Crall. $2,000 Salesperson awards went to: Ellie Cloyed and Lauren Kaldenberg. Lauren Kaldenberg was also recognized as a $5,000 Sales Club recipient for selling over $7,993 during her high school career.

The Leadership pin and the Scholarship pin were presented to Lauren Kaldenberg. Kaldenberg and Becca Pistek both received the Service pin.

The Howard Wilson Memorial Scholarship was presented to Abby Peterson. The Raymond W. Forsythe Memorial Scholarship was presented to Curtis Clark. The Bob D. Reed Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Lauren Kaldenberg. An Albia FFA Chapter scholarship was awarded to Logan Rozenboom.

Chapter Proficiency Awards were presented as follows: Curtis Clark – Diversified Ag Production Entrepreneurship; Lauren Kaldenberg – Outdoor Recreation Placement; Abby Peterson – Beef Production Entrepreneurship; Becca Pistek – Ag Services Placement; Joe Teno – Ag Services Entrepreneurship; Joe Pistek – Turfgrass Management Entrepreneurship; Halle Hindman – Sheep Production Entrepreneurship; Nick Heffron – Swine Production Entrepreneurship; McKenna Striegel – Beef Production Entrepreneurship; Landon Rozenboom – Forage Production Placement; Ellie Cloyed – Diversified Horticulture Placement; Stephanie Beary – Ag Sales Placement; and Case Stocker – Diversified Crop Production Placement. Logan Rozenboom was presented his District and State Proficiency Awards in Diversified Ag Production Placement.

The Jarred Crall Outstanding Fair Exhibitor Award was presented to Curtis Clark. Outstanding S.A.E. Recordbook Awards were awarded to Logan Rozenboom, McKenna Striegel, and Ellie Cloyed. 2019 Perfect Meeting Attendance awards were given to: Lauren Kaldenberg, Abby Peterson, Becca Pistek, and Curtis Clark. The Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award was presented to Lauren Kaldenberg. Becky Rozenboom was the recipient of the Outstanding Service Award.

Star Awards were presented to the following: Star Greenhand – Emma Bradley, Star in Agribusiness – Joe Teno, Star in Ag Placement – Logan Rozenboom, and Star Farmer – Curtis Clark.

Seniors Abby Peterson, Becca Pistek, Curtis Clark, Joe Teno, Lauren Kaldenberg, and Logan Rozenboom were recognized. The seniors then presented their parents with the Honorary Chapter Degree. Parents are Curt & Kaylene Peterson, Joe & Kim Pistek, Larry & Patty Clark, Mike & Becky Teno, Tim & Cindy Kaldenberg, and Justin & Becky Rozenboom. Abby, Becca, and Lauren were also presented their Iowa FFA Academic Achievement Awards.

The 2019-2020 Albia FFA Officer team was recognized for their efforts. Reporter – Abby Peterson, Secretary – Becca Pistek, President – Curtis Clark, Vice President – Joe Teno, Treasurer – Lauren Kaldenberg, Sentinel – McKenna Striegel, and Historian – Stephanie Beary.

The night concluded with the introduction of the 2020-2021 officer team which includes: Ellie Cloyed, Jorryn Crall, Brayton Striegel, McKenna Striegel, Halle Hindman, and Stephanie Beary. Stephanie Beary will serve as the chapter President for the coming year while the others will be determined at their first officer meeting. The evening concluded with Official Closing Ceremony followed by a group photo in the arena and homemade ice cream.

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