The Monroe County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, Oct. 5 for their regular meeting with all members present.

The board first heard from Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund as they considered making their annual contribution. The board voted to approve a contribution of $2,500. They had tabled the contribution during their last meeting until hearing from the trust fund.

The board then considered two items related to elections. The board approved a resolution allowing the destruction of election documents. The documents have to be kept a certain amount of time and are destroyed confidentially after that time.

The board then approved a resolution declaring that election infrastructure equipment and technology will be kept confidential. The resolution means the county does not have to provide access to their election infrastructure if requested in order to keep it safe and secure.

The board approved a utility permit in Section 2 or Franklin Township for installation of cable by REC.

The board then considered a continuity plan presented by Monroe County attorney John Pabst. Pabst said he was not asking the supervisors to approve the plan, he just wanted them to be aware of it and discuss it during a public meeting.

Pabst said he would not be running for election again, and the plan laid out what the supervisors could choose to do if he resigned before the next election. Pabst suggested the board could appoint his assistant Laura Davis as the new county attorney and he could continue as her assistant in order for an orderly transition to take place. Davis works for Pabst in his law firm and has assisted him in his duties as county attorney, but does not currently work for the county.

If the county attorney resigns, the board of supervisors can appoint a new attorney or call for an election. If they appoint a new attorney, the public can then petition for an election.