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Pictured left to right are MCHC Board of Trustees members Marilee Scieszinski, Matt Foster, Ann Stocker, Lorraine Starcevic (retiring), Tiffany Havard, Joseph Bates and Jason Summers. Starcevic announced she was stepping down from the board during the September meeting.

The Monroe County Hospitals and Clinics board of trustees held their regular meeting Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021 and board member Lorraine Starcevic announced she would be stepping down at the beginning of the meeting.

After expressing appreciation for all that Starcevic had done as a board member the board went on to approve the previous meeting’s minutes before moving on to the rest of the agenda.

The board heard from Jacque Heiter about the Your Choice Advanced Planning Project at Monroe County Hospital and Clinics. The project, which was funded by a grant, is coming to a close.

The project focused on expanding the used of advanced care planning for patients of MCHC and to increase the amount of advanced directives on file at MCHC and to educated the public about the importance of advanced directives. They are not just for the elderly or ill but are useful for everyone as accidents can happen at any time and advanced directives can let your family and physician know what kind of care you want to received in an emergency situation.

Over the four years the project has been going, MCHC saw a 191 percent increase in advanced directives on file. The project will continue into spring of 2022, with the goals of figuring out billing for the services, increasing facilitators and instructors, figuring out how to implement the program in the medical clinic and more.

The hospital system saw record numbers of patients in several areas during the month of August including infusion, radiology and oncology. They also had record gross revenue of $5,150,890 in August. The hospital also recently completed its audit and results will be presented to the board during an upcoming meeting.

After reviewing the August financial report, the board approved it.

The board approved a new construction project that will put in new paint, LED lighting ceilings and handrails throughout the hospital’s hallways at a cost of $148,347.04. This will upgrade the hallways for the older parts of the hospital now that the new construction is completed and the new LED lighting will also be a cost savings for the hospital.

The board approved the policies up for review, revision and retirement as presented.

A list of hospitalist telemedicine practitioners presented by Distant Site were approved by the board. The practitioners will now have telemedicine privileges at MCHC. Privileges for Amanda McKinley, CRNA, from Bloomfield Anesthetists, PLLC, to provide services in pain management at MCHC were also approved by the board.

The hospital saw no patient falls, no readmission and no infections during August. The board also discussed the possibility of the hospital adding an MRI machine in the future. MCHC President Veronica Fuhs said she believed that the hospital had the needed number of patients to support adding an MRI and the board indicated they should look into the costs and bring ore information to the board.