The Eddyville City Council met in regular session Monday evening, April 5.

Nick Ashman from the Eddyville Little League asked council for permission for the league to block S. 4th St. between Main St. and Market St. on Saturday, April 10 for a bag tournament the League is sponsoring as a fund raiser.  A motion carried to approve this request.

Terry Brady, member of the Eddyville Ruritan, visiting with the council regarding the Ruritan Club would like to place a bench in the pocket park.  Council suggested Ruritans visit with the Park and Rec committee to get ideas of what they are considering placing.

Discussion about the Pocket Park continued from the work session held prior to the council meeting. Fence: Prices will be obtained for a 6 foot fence to be placed at the back of the park and use fence city currently has for the front with action to be taken at the regular May council meeting; Concrete: Discussion was held on which way to have the water go, to the north or to the south, prices will be obtained and this will be on the agenda at the regular May council meeting; Roof, Following discussion a motion carried to not place a roof at this time; Electricity, pricing will be obtained with action to be taken at the regular May council meeting; Benches, Tables, etc. were discussed with no action taken at this time.

Sheryl Leyden would like to have a Bed and Breakfast at 708 Mill Street. She is purchasing this property.  Following discussion among the council and with city attorney Heather Simplot it was determined Leyden would need to request a special use permit and follow Chapter 79 in the City of Eddyville Ordinances, residential rental property.

Motions carried to give the CC Club permission to hold a City-Wide Garage sale on June 5 and also to offer the parking lot to individuals to set up, next to the mini park if there is no funeral that day.

Four individuals filled out applications for the Part Time Seasonal Help.  Following discussion, a motion carried to hire David Blaise and Tim Edge at $12/hour for this position with them to begin work on April 12.

The City’s handbook was discussed.  Items discussed included: hours the Library Director will work, changing or rewording several items.   These changes will be forwarded to the city attorney for review and to the personnel committee and on the agenda for approval at the regular May council meeting.

Job descriptions for the City Clerk, Utility Supt., and Street Supt. were discussed.  Change was made to read these three positions are under the direction of the Mayor and city council members.  This will be forwarded to the personnel committee for review and then sent to the city attorney and on the agenda at the regular May city council meeting.

A motion carried to approve paying the invoice from Garden and Associates for $1,481.75 for the sanitary sewer extension, on Mill Street.  Another motion carried to approve the contract between the city and McClure Engineering Company for the sanitary sewer project.

Three firms responded to the RFP for engineering for the storm sewer project: Veenstra and Kimm, Garden and Associates and McClure Engineering.  A motion carried to approve starting contract negotiations with Veenstra and Kimm for Phase 1 of the Storm Sewer Project and another motion carried to approve the contract between the city and Veenstra and Kimm for Phase 1 of the Storm Sewer Project.

Mayor Doug Greenlee and the council reviewed the inspection report from the Army Corp of Engineers which was done on the levee and was received in December 2020.  The levee is in good condition.

Building permits were approved for 206 N. 10th St., 307 S. 4th St and 408 S. 2nd St.

The property at 908 N 3rd St. has received several letters regarding the upkeep of the property.  Following discussion about the next step since the issue has not been addressed, a motion carried to send the property owner a letter to have the property cleaned up by April 19 or a city citation of $750 will be sent to the property owner.

Mayor Greenlee reminded citizens to remove old flowers from the tombstones of loved ones at the cemetery.