Albia Newspapers advertising stimulus

The Albia Newspapers is offering a dollar for dollar stimulus match in advertising space for small businesses buying at least $200 a month in newspaper advertising up to $5,000 a month. The stimulus match program will total up to $50,000.

The most recent State of Iowa retail sales tax report (ending April 30) shows that the state took in just under half the normal amount of retail sales tax, which means Iowa businesses in the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown lost over half of their sales April. Some businesses suffered far greater losses than that.

Which is why we’re offering a dollar for dollar match in purchased advertising space.

The newspaper’s Advertising Matching Partnership will offer up to $50,000 worth of matching marketing dollars to local businesses in our surrounding area.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of Monroe County and we have been dedicated to helping small businesses since 1862. And it’s why we are going to offer businesses a chance to restart their sales efforts with twice the advertising for half the cost.

Matching funds are open to any local business in need of advertising support due to the COVID-19. We are not giving away cash, but will be awarding matching advertising space on a dollar for dollar basis to advertisers who schedule at least $200 a month (that’s about a 2 col. X 3 1/2” inch ad run for four weeks or a 2 x 7 inch ad run twice in a month). All matching advertising space must be run in the month the original purchase is made and the stimulus match advertising space does not apply to already greatly discount promotional ads like the Business Directory and Church page. It also doesn’t apply to the newspaper’s special sections.

To sign up for the Advertising Matching Partnership, please call Marilyn ( or Kari ( or call either ad representative at 641-932-7121.

Please ask about color options as well.

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