The Monroe County Board of Supervisors held a short meeting Feb. 2 where they discussed and approved a 28E agreement and a resolution for contracting of consultant services in order for the county to go after receiving the 2021 BUILD grant.

Monroe County is one of eight counties the state of Iowa chose to participate in the grant application process to receive money to help offset the cost of bridge projects. In order to participate, all eight counties will be submitting to receive the grant together. Because of that each county must approve a 28E agreement. They also needed to approve having the Iowa County Engineer's Service Bureau be the contact with the grant writers, HDR and approve hiring HDR.

According to Monroe County Engineer Jeremiah Selby, the cost of hiring HDR will be split between the eight counties and he estimated it would cost Monroe County around $13,000.

Selby said that every year the state allocates Monroe County about $325,000 for bridges.

"That's really not enough," said Selby. "That doesn't do a bridge."

The county is currently working on the Avery Bridges project and the cost estimate for that is $3.75 million. That project includes removing one bridge and replacing another according to Selby.

Selby said the county used that project in their application to be chosen as part of the BUILD grant group. The Iowa counties will be applying to receive $25 million from the BUILD grant. The state is hoping to give the counties between 50-75 percent of the cost of their submitted projects.

"If it's 50 percent we could see ... $1.9 million, if it's 75 percent we could see $2.8 million," said Selby. "It's a pretty big deal."

The supervisors also considered bids for bridge project BROS-SWAP-CO68(86)-SE-68. The county received three bidders and accepted and approved the low bidder, Cunningham-Reis at $403,119.80.

The board also tabled discussion, review and approval of Compensation Board recommendations for elected officials salaries for fiscal year 2021-222 and considering a non-bargaining employees' salaries for fiscal year 2021-2022.