Albia A

As difficult as the last few months have been for the Albia Community School District, the school administration and board were upbeat about having graduation ceremonies Saturday, June 20 (with awards night on Thursday, June 18) at the football stadium.

People need to start praying for good weather.

Awards night will take place that Thursday, June 18, 7 p.m. with major changes from years past. Students will stand and be recognized for awards (instead of coming forward to pick them up). The normal group photos of student award winners and presenters (the Della Vedova Scholars and Top 7 percent, for instance) normally taken by the newspaper, will not be taken. Instead the newspaper will use senior pictures in its coverage the next Tuesday.

Seniors will get four guest tickets each for guests. Guests will be seated with six-foot social distancing in the home bleachers and in folding chairs on the field. Seniors will also be seated on the field using social distancing.

KIIC Radio is livestreaming the event. The rain date is Friday, June 21.

As for graduation, it will start much later, 8:30 p.m. because of a fireworks display at the end of the ceremony (paid for by an anonymous senior parent donor). The rain date is Sunday. Seniors will receive four tickets for family and friends and unused tickets may be shared. The event will also be livestreamed by KIIC. Details on how seniors will receive their diploma is still fluid. L&C Photography will be on hand to take photos of each senior during the ceremony.

“We’re going to make this as traditional as possible,” said Principal Richard Montgomery. “Our choir and band will perform using previously recorded music. We’re very confident our graduation and awards ceremonies will be memorable for students and parents.”

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