The Monroe County Board of Supervisors opened their April 27 meeting with a public hearing with Monroe County Public Health. Dana Cockrell from public health went over how the office had used a $55,0000 Community Development Block Grant received last year to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and also to requested approval for the final reimbursement for the grant.

The grant money was used in the following ways:

Two laptops purchased for use by the Monroe County Public Health office and the Monroe County Auditor’s office for $1,995.60

Supplies to make and distribute bleach cleaning kits to businesses, daycares, etc. for $760.56

Printing ads and educational articles in the newspaper, and community education through Facebook Live and radio interviews for $675.97

Public Health staff salary for time spent on education, webinars, disease follow up investigations, community education and contact


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tracing for $15,959.16

Supplies to build sneeze guards for polling and voting stations and staff time for building them for $1,643.53

Air purifier-PAPR units for PPE to be used at nursing homes and the hospital when caring for COVID-19 patients for $2,517.66

UV sanitizing system from Murphy Enterprises of Alabama, Inc. for $26,724.60

Purchase of food and other essential items for community assistance providers like Albia Community School District Food Pantry, Ministerial Association Assistance Cupboard and Helping Hands Food Pantry to help support Monroe County residents for $3,000

Purchase of food and other essential items for Monroe County residents quarantining due to COVID-19 for $890.66

Supplies for fabric mask production for $521.26

The total for everything spent comes to $54,689. The board approved the final reimbursement request after leaving the public hearing.

The board also approved acceptance of a letter from the Iowa Secretary of State and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency regarding “cyber hygiene” in the county.

The board then approved rules of engagement between Monroe County and the CISA. According to Monroe County auditor Amanda Harlan, the county and the CISA have been informally working together for some time and this just formalizes how they work together.