Absolute Cleaning Systems

Absolute Cleaning Systems management team, from left, Brent Hugen, Alex Steines, Gina Maddison and Mike Maddison.

Absolute Cleaning Systems of Albia celebrated its sixth year in business on Aug. 1. Absolute Cleaning Systems covers Albia and the surrounding communities offering their services to both commercial and residential customers in an area approximately 30 minutes in every direction from Albia.

The company, started by Mike and Gina Maddison and Gina’s brother, Brent Hugen, began its first year of business with a variety of professional services including carpet and floor cleaning, water extraction and flood removal, power washing and auto detailing. During its second year, Absolute decided to also step into the industrial and commercial cleaning arena. “Throughout our first year of business, we had several inquiries from local businesses asking if we did commercial cleaning,” said owner Mike Maddison. “We decided to jump at this opportunity, adding this new part to the business. Now the company offers specialized residential and commercial services.”

Word spread quickly that a new cleaning company began in the area. General Manager Brent Hugen, quickly built trust and rapport with customers. “One of the earliest challenges Absolute faced was gaining customers and building trust, just like every new business faces,” said Hugen. “Mike and I knew that the early days and years would either make us or break us. We dedicated ourselves to what set us apart from other companies. These things include our value, customer service and satisfaction and industry leading equipment.”

Some of their commercial businesses include Relco, Kness Mfg., Zero Connect, AYM and Edward Jones.

This past spring, Absolute decided to add another high demand cleaning service to its arsenal-- air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Air duct cleaning is an often overlooked maintenance item. Dust, allergens, and grime can build up in supply and return ducting. Build up in dryer vents is also a leading residential fire hazard. Keeping ductwork clean helps keep homes safe and comfortable. “We have the ability to take HD pictures and live video via our duct work camera so the homeowner can see firsthand what condition their HVAC system is in,” said Hugen. “Having the air duct cameras takes the guess work out of the process – we can ensure the system is clean when we leave and the customer received the value and service they would expect from us.”

In addition to Maddison as owner and Hugen as GM Gina Maddison plays a very significant role within Absolute and is the CFO. Earlier this summer the company added former ACHS vocal music teacher and a former Albia Citizen of the Year, Alex Steines. “Alex brings an exciting background to our team,” said Maddison. “Having served the schools and community for the past seven years, he is eager to continue serving Southern Iowa with our company.”

In addition to the Maddisons, Hugen and Steines, the company employs about 12 part-timers and are constantly looking to add to their employee list.

More information about Absolute Cleaning Systems can be found at their website: www.absolutecleaningsystems.com.

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