The Monroe County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, June 29 for their regular meeting with all members present.

The Board met with Public Health Administrator Kim Hugen to discuss the purchase of a new data system. Hugen said Monroe County Public Health has been working off an old server but it recently crashed and they were only able to get three of the four drives back. Hugen said this system is used for their billing, to facilitate their grants, prepare reports and more.

Hugen presented a proposal from Pella Hosting and Website Solutions to the board to create a new system for Monroe County Public Health at a cost of $33,5350. The supervisors believe the cost will be covered through the $1.5 million the county will receive through the American Rescue Act. The board approved Hugen moving forward with the purchase.

The board also approved a liquor license for the Albia Chamber of Commerce for the Monroe County Fair and approved permission for the chamber to sell alcohol on the courthouse lawn during Restoration Days.