Since the first day of coronavirus testing in Iowa on March 3, through Wednesday, April 8, 1,145 Iowans have tested positive for the virus. A total of 12,850 have been tested and there have been 27 deaths attributed to the virus.

The counties of Lucas, Monroe, Wayne, Davis, Decatur, Union, Sac, Ringgold, Pocahontas, Palo Alto, Osceola, Ida, Humboldt, Fremont, Floyd, Emmet, Cherokee, Cass and Calhoun still have zero cases confirmed.

About one in 11 Iowans tested have been found to have the virus. About twice as many Iowans (just over 200) have been discharged from hospitals and are recovering from the virus. About 110 people are currently hospitalized and around 870 Iowans testing positive for the virus were never hospitalized, according to the Iowa Department of Health.

Of those testing positive for the virus, 420 are in the 41-60 age range, 350 are in the 18-40 age range, 290 are in the 61-80 age range, 72 are 81+ and only 13 are from zero to 17 years of age.

The number of new cases in Iowa seem to be leveling off since April 3, although the highest number of positive cases confirmed was on April 7 with 102. Wednesday, April 8, the number was 97. March 30 cases confirmed were 88.

New York state is at the top in the nation of confirmed cases and deaths attributed to coronavirus with 151,079 cases and 6,269 deaths. Most of those are coming from New York City. New Jersey is second with 47,437 cases and 1,504 deaths, followed by Michigan, 20,346 cases and 959 deaths, California, 19,031 cases and 507 deaths and Louisiana, 17,030 cases and 652 deaths.

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