Greetings to everyone today. I can’t believe July is almost over! It has been a summer to remember but also to forget in so many ways. For those who have asked about my mom, Gladys, she is still in the Northern Mahaska Rehab Center in Oskaloosa and is doing well. I sure appreciate, as she does, all the prayers and cards.

The downside is that I still have not seen her for several months. I hate that and at some point higher authorities have got to modify visitation. The unfortunate thing is that so many people nationally have taken so little heed to masks, social distancing, e.c that we are seeing a huge spike and elderly around the country are paying for it.

America’s policy on the COVID-19 outbreak has been, at best incoherent and irregular and too many have blown it off, sorry, especially young people and our more vulnerable pay for it. Fortunately, vaccines seem too be proceeding well, but even then many will not take one which further complicates things.

It is time politically, and culturally with so many issues we face in this nation for adults to act like adults.

My radio program every Sunday morning on KIIC at 6:30 till 7 a.m. is called “My Hope.” As I look around, more and more, Jesus is the only hope all of us have. He is, indeed, a God of everlasting love. In Romans 8:28, Paul says nothing can separate us from the love of God. How true that is. His Grace is there for us at all times. Grace means unmerited favor. And boy oh boy, do we all need unmerited favor. David the King of Israel, was a great man, but he became a killer and a voyeur and an adulterer. But by his repentance and God’s grace, he became “the apple of God’s eye.”

Peter denied Christ three times before He preached and served Jesus in a powerful way. Zacchaeus, the crook, a money launderer became changed because Jesus called him out and changed his life to being clean. The thief on the cross, was hell bent and hung out to, die became in an instant heaven bound and redeemed.

I can go on and on ad infinitude. Story after story, prayer after prayer, surprise after surprise.

All of us are deserving of anything but grace. Yet, the Lord in His love offers us that if we turn to Him. As an old Gospel song, Jesus calls us per the tumult. If God can forgive and offer grace to all of those and more, He can to you no matter what you have done in your life. It needs responding to Him and it needs repentance, however.

Repentance is the forgotten word in our world but not to God. It means a turning away from your sin and a turning to Him. He is calling us to respond and receive His grace and He does it to the whole world no matter what the background is of anyone. All lives matter to him. His grace was not cheap. It took His going to the Cross of Calvary.

If God can tolerate my mistakes in life, the question also becomes, why cannot I tolerate and forgive the mistakes of others? The problem in our world is because there is no love and forgiveness of others, there is no love of others and no love or response to God. God is fully capable of changing the course and story for all of us by His grace. And He is fully capable of changing the narrative of our country, and its problems by that same Grace.

If God allows us with our foibles and faults and failures to call Him our Father, He can do the same for anyone. And if He can, we need to learn to extend that grace to others.

Imagine a world where everyone gave the same grace as God has given us. Imagine a world where the same love God gives each of us was given by us to each other, unconditionally. We seem so bent on wanting to judge everyone but ourselves. Wouldn’t grace be better, love. God thought so with us. We seem so bent, and we see it nationally, to get our satisfaction when someone get’s what is coming to them while at the same time hoping that we do not get what is coming or should be to us. God is generous to us. We need to be generous in our love to others and offer grace.

You and I know people who need to know and see God’s love and grace in action. How about today, and this week and always looking for those people in your lives and being God’s ambassador and giving it to them? Try it, it is life changing, and world changing! See you next week.

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