Dave Paxton

There’s any number of quasi socialist/communist organizations emboldened by the current racial tensions the United State finds itself in. One that started sending me e-mails is WFAN (Women’s Food and Ag Network) which sound innocuous enough. Something that might be a place for FarmersOnly.com to go to.

But they’re actually a radical leftist group that I’m pretty sure Lenin, Marx and Trotsky would appreciate.

“We stand with movements for Black liberation across the country,” their last news release stated. “We recognize that the U.S. food system is based on Indigenous genocide, the enslaved labor of African Americans, and exploitation of Black, Indigenous, and people of Color (BIPOC). As an agricultural and majority-white organization, we have work to do within WFAN and within our communities.”

You’ve got to read this stuff carefully. This feminist commie outfit is talking about Manifest Destiny when settlers from the settled eastern part of the United States got into covered wagons and headed west to find rich farm land in places like Iowa after the Louisiana Purchase. They are comparing settlers opening up the prairie (Irish, German, Czech and Swedish immigrants to name a few) to southern plantation owners who bought African slaves to raise tobacco and cotton.

Which lets them combine everyone who isn’t Native American into the paying of reparations and seeking forgiveness from whatever god they are worshipping for white privilege. Even though post Civil War and in the eight years of President Grant’s Reconstruction, thousands of former slaves became independent farmers and property owners on formerly owned Indian lands.

Of course Jim Crow and segregation ruined Lincoln’s vision and Grant’s attempt to end the curse of slavery, but do you see where this is going? Under this wildly liberal/progressive mindset, everyone is guilty, except BIPOC people. Having another left wing acronym to deal with is almost too much to bear.

I thought that having had two great-great-grandfathers on my mother’s side and a half dozen cousins on the Paxton side fight in the Civil War and one lose a leg to end slavery got my family off the hook from paying reparations. I thought maybe being a third generation Methodist (the church that the abolitionist movement sprang from) would get me a little love.

But no, now I find out that my father, my grandfather, my great-grandfather and my great-great-grandfather created America’s food system based on “indigenous genocide.”

So WFAN’s sole purpose is to create in this country a mass feeling of guilt. In their literature they also use the words “white privilege” every other sentence. I think if you were to actually join this merry band of female radicals you’d get a BIPOC button and flogging material to pay penance daily for being white (or Asian or Latino actually since they are not indigenous).

Sorry, I’m not going to bite. I refuse to buy into the notion that I have to assuage some multi-generational guilt for being born white. And FYI, there was no privilege in being born in 1954 to my white parents. We were barely surviving on our indigenous genocidal farm. My dad worked sometimes 18 hours a day trying to support my mother and their five kids. I started working on the farm about as soon as I was big enough to carry a bucket of grain or stand and watch a livestock gate. My family owned an indigenous genocidal farm, so we were ineligible for any sort of student loans and grants. So we sold 4-H calves and pigs, threw square bales of hay and worked two or three jobs while we were attending college.

Perhaps it is all in how you look at privilege. I actually was born of privilege but not in a white way. I was privileged to have two parents who sat my butt in church every Sunday, made sure I never missed school, taught me to respect older people, showed me respect of other races by their own actions toward our Meskwaki Indian neighbors and blacks in our community and taught me the importance of defending people who couldn’t defend themselves.

I was privileged to have sat at the feet of great uncles and a grandfather who fought in France in WWI and learned patriotism from a father who spent 18 months of his life on board ship in the South Pacific in WWII.

But, see, I know black people, Hispanic people and Asian people who have had that same kind of privilege. I would never, not in a million years, ask them to feel guilty over how they were born. I won’t condemn Hispanic people for being part of the Spanish Inquisition or Asian Americans perhaps having relatives a generation or two back fighting on the side of the Japanese.

I will, however, accept responsibility for what I have or haven’t done to defend the rights of others, be they white men and women or black men and women. I’ll accept the fact that I’m not always welcoming to strangers who enter our church because they have too many tattoos or their hair is too long. I’ll seek God’s forgiveness for not supporting widows and orphans or turning my back on a brother in need.

But seeking forgiveness because of how my skin looked when I came out of my mother’s womb. Hell no.

Nor will I whine about “black privilege” when it comes to Division I and NBA basketball. Or Latin privilege when it comes to World Cup soccer. To say basketball is dominated by African Americans based solely on their race is racist. It denies their work ethic and their determination as well as their God-given ability.

At the same time, I’m not for a second going to try to say I know what it’s like to be a black man traversing life in a major city, living in government guaranteed generational poverty, eyed suspiciously by police. Nor will I tell you I know how it feels to be a police officer who is judged immediately and harshly because of the uniform he wears.

I just won’t do it.

I’ve worn my last pair of Wrangler jeans until the company fires Brett Farve. The Hall of Fame Green Bay Packer quarterback compared the heroics of Kolin Kaepernick and his flag kneeling to that of St. Louis Cardinal defensive back Pat Tillman who lost his life after leaving the NFL to join the Army Rangers to fight in Iraq.

Either Farve is stupid, his brain has been damaged by too many football hits or he has caved to the arsonists, anarchists and Black Lives Matter radicals who are seeking to rewrite history.

I’m actually hoping he’s just plain stupid.

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