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He was the first president who didn’t get us into a war during his term while wiping out ISIS and neutering Iran and yet he received no credit from 50 percent of the nation.

He was the first president to shrink the racial gap in pay, fund historically black colleges and drive down black unemployment more than any president in history.

He was the first president since Jimmy Carter to achieve Middle East peace treaties with Israel.

He was the first president since Richard Nixon (who normalized relations with Communist China) to demand China be on a fair playing field economically.

He was the first president to open dialogue with North Korea.

Donald Trump got rid of trade deals that killed blue collar jobs and hurt farmers, returning industry from Mexico, China and other places overseas when former presidents had given up.

He restored the nation’s economy through tax cuts and rolling back harmful and ridiculous regulations, completely unnecessary in protecting the environment.

President Trump pulled us out of the idiotic Paris Climate Accord which basically made the United States the only country contributing to manmade climate change.

He made the United States energy independent which will prevent blood for oil wars and placed billions of dollars back into the pockets of working class Americans through lower energy costs.

He stood toe to toe with environmental extremists like A.O.C. and her crew who have zero clue how life in flyover country happens and thinks milk comes from the freezer section at the grocery store.

He was a president who stood up for the religiously persecuted in our nation and across the world and became intimately involved in saving missionaries jailed and and threatened with execution in Muslim countries.

And of all Republican presidents who gave lip service to the Right to Life, President Trump fully invested himself to protect the unborn and with three pro-life Supreme Court justices, likely saved millions (a large number of those black) babies.

Watching the celebrations in New York City and Washington, D.C. as the national television networks declared Joe Biden president over Donald Trump reminded me of two things. One was the celebration in “The Wizard of Oz” and the “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” scene. The other was that COVID-19 miraculously disappeared as the dancing, gyrating liberal whackjobs danced and rubbed shoulders with each other, some in masks many without.

I’m not going to deny these folks their moment of celebration. But it’s a little troubling that their joy came not because of their love and support of the aging and mentally declining Joe Biden but because of their hatred of the “Orange Man” Donald Trump.

And it’s even more troubling that their joyful hysteria is based on demonstratable lies foisted on the American people by the national news media and radical leftists in Congress about the President. For four years Americans have heard nothing but negativity about the President by a news media that is admittedly 93 percent leftwing in their political views.

He was impeached based on lies of Russian collusion, yet just over 50 percent of the nation who get their news solely from three networks, MSNBC and CNN still believe the lies. At the same time they don’t believe Portland, Seattle, New York City, Chicago and other big cities run by Democrats were burned and looted by Black Lives Matter radicals and Antifa anarchists because it was so under-reported. Joe Biden himself said “Antifa was an idea.” And most never heard the growing scandal involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, and Biden himself because it was never reported. For those of us who followed the New York Post, Fox News and conservative radio, we know the truth will eventually come out. And the truth will show how Joe Biden became a multi-millionaire having never held a real job in his 78 years.

There were protests in states where Republicans and Trump supporters believe the election was stolen. The protests were peaceful. Go figure.

In Biden’s address to the nation he said he was going to bring the nation together. He was going to unify the nation. This after adding to the litany of insults started by Hillary Clinton. In Biden’s mind Trump supporters are “Chumps” which lines up with Clinton’s “deplorables” and “irredeemables.” And even in what was supposed to be a peace offering to conservatives, he continued to rant about “systematic racism” practiced by people on the right. Biden asked Trump supporters to give him a chance. Right. Like he or any other Democrat gave President Trump and his band of deplorables a chance.

Forget four years of Nancy Pelosi.

Four years of opposition.

Four years of lying.

Watch what Biden does to see if he actually believes his own unity speech. If you see Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in his cabinet look out. And look out if he somehow decides to honor his campaign promises, ending fracking and the U.S. oil and gas industry; repealing tax cuts which fueled the greatest economic recovery in U.S. history; raise corporate income tax that will drive investment and jobs overseas; institute a $15 minimum wage that will either bankrupt small business or force them to find ways not to hire real people. I hope to heaven he has lied about those things.

Living in a time four decades ago, Joe Biden keeps talking about Democrats being the party of the working class and not the party of millionaires. Except that billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg poured millions and millions of dollars across the United States trying to buy (steal) the election. Thank God Iowans didn’t bite. There are a few unions, almost all public unions, who supported Joe Biden, but rank and file workers are (and will forever remain) Trump supporters.

He’s got two years to screw up the country enough to finish off the Democrat House of Representatives, but by then I really doubt that he’ll even remember anything about the election of 2020.

I was watching college football on Saturday, part of the time with my Alabama born son-in-law. He was more interested in following the Facebook memes on the election from his redneck (God bless ‘em) friends, laughing outloud and passing me his phone. Then something occurred to me as scores started coming in.

Where battleground states stalled the election and mysteriously moved from red on Tuesday to blue on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, their university teams lost. No really.

Penn State was blown up by Maryland (admittedly a blue state but not a battle ground state). Wisconsin didn’t get to play at all because of COVID-19. Michigan got drilled by red state Indiana and the University of Iowa (in the land of a newly ordained red state) crushed Michigan State.

Florida pounded Georgia (a state that will determine the fate of the U.S. Senate). On the other hand, most Texas teams won on Saturday, except, of course, Baylor, and that’s because Iowa State University is in the land of red wave Iowa. Red state Clemson (South Carolina) lost to red state Notre Dame (located in Indiana) but that had to be a shout out to Vice President Mike Pence, former Indiana governor.


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