Dave Paxton

I’m not exactly sure the political strategy of mass e-mailing newspapers campaign lies, fund-raising pleas and the like, because if I actually opened every e-mail, I would sit at my desk eight hours and get nothing else done. It is not a good plan for semi-retirement.

I will guarantee you, no newspaper reporter, editor or publisher opens the hundreds of daily political messages sent to them. Now that I’m semi-retired, I don’t look at my e-mail 10 times a day, so when I look in at night or in the morning there are sometimes up to 300 e-mails from political campaigns.

And they’re from all over. Even from non-candidates like Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbord. It’s surprising enough that Republican Young and Democrat Axne from an Iowa Congressional district not our own bother to send me their campaign stuff, let alone some guy from New Jersey.

Anyway, it is unwanted clutter, that makes it that much more difficult to dig out the local stuff we do need. Which is a long-winded way of telling readers that it might be smart to follow up with a phone call if you send us something for local consumption. Wading through several hundred e-mails, 98 percent unwanted, is fraught with danger.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the video of Nancy Pelosi wandering through a state ordered shuttered hair salon in San Francisco without a mask and getting caught in the act of violating COVID-19 rules she so adamantly demands everyone else follow. But I wasn’t laughing when I saw her answer the question from a reporter about why she was breaking the governor’s order.

It used to be that you could almost believe a Democrat when they said they were all about supporting the little guy, the union worker, the small business owner against big, bad Republican backed corporations. Pelosi basically threw the (woman) owner of the hair salon under the bus, accusing her of staging a set-up to catch Pelosi violating Gavin Newsum’s shutdown orders.

Right. Although if I were losing my business because of nanny-state government intrusion, I’d be looking to set up anybody as a way of revenge.

Clearly there is a hair stylist underground in California, since residents have been forced to break Newsum’s completely unrealistic rules to survive. And clearly, Pelosi and her staff knew how to work the underground system. “I know a guy, who knows a guy.” But in this case, the owner of the salon wasn’t part of the initial covert activity, until she saw Pelosi traipsing through her salon on security film and released the video to the press.

Pelosi said it was a setup from the get-go. She, in fact, was the victim, dragged out of her mansion to have her hair washed and blown dry by Trump operatives. Yeah, that’s it. Donald Trump made her color her hair (which, by the way, is a longer version of the Trumpster’s mop).

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t see herself as a person elected by the people. She sees herself as royalty, above the rules of the common man or woman on the street. It’s really pretty sick and disgusting.

And speaking of hair (my wife told me not to broach this subject), I’d really like to take a poll on how many women (okay, men too) who allowed their hair to grow into its natural color because of COVID-19. My wife isn’t one of them. She decided to let her hair grow gray a year or so ago, and it’s a really nice look.

But with the wives of friends and older women in general letting their hair grow gray and at the same time wearing masks, it’s darned hard to recognize people in the grocery store or at Wal-Mart.

A masked, gray haired lady approached me at Hy-Vee and said, “Hey, Dave, how’s retirement? Doing the shopping now in your spare time?”

I laughed and said something like, “good to see you,” and walked off wondering whom the heck I was talking to. I can’t even use voice recognition as a way to tell whom it is I’m talking to because the stupid mask muffles the voice.

So I’m left with really dangerous tactics to figure out who it is I’m exchanging pleasantries with. I’ve never been big on tattoos, but if you had noticed a person’s tattoos before COVID-19, it’s a blessing to be able to connect a bare, tattooed arm to a masked face.

It’s when you’re left trying to read tattoos on somebody’s leg, looking for a name or the name of a child or spouse that can get you into trouble.

There are other parts of the body that are easily recognizable, but some that I have been conditioned by my wife not to look at. It makes being neighborly really difficult.

The mayor of Washington, D.C., has established a commission to study the “removal, relocation or contextualization” of monuments and statues in the nation’s capitol. It is part of the “cancel culture” that is pounding the nation. When monuments like the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and other federal landmarks were mentioned, actual historians freaked out and the wok mayor quickly took those off the list of those being considered.

It’s bizarre and a total waste of time and resources.

But unlike a lot of my conservative brethren, I’m not a bit opposed to “contextualization” if that work actually means sharing accurate American history and judging it based on the time. Unfortunately, I fear it means, “if the guy’s white, tear it down or move it, based on how we’re feeling in 2020.”

There is not a single founder of our nation who isn’t guilty of some sin based on what the Cancel Culture uses to judge things today. Even women like suffragette Carrie Catt Chapman of Charles City, Iowa are being thrown under the bus because of things she said in 1915 about the races. George Washington killed Indians and his wife owned slaves for their Virginia plantation. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves while having children with one of his female slaves. Signers of the Declaration of Independence who were abolitionists made deals with slave owning representatives from the south to enable the revolution to progress.

Abraham Lincoln, who emancipated American blacks also said if could save the Union without abolishing slavery, he’d do that.

I don’t fear understanding history and I embrace discussing our forefathers (and mothers), but I do fear the ignorant, blind, wok, cancel culturists who seem to be taking over the discussion, particularly in Blue cities and states.

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