In 1776, a man by the name of Thomas Paine wrote an electrifying pamphlet called “Common Sense.” It was only about 49 pages but its political and moral arguments for independence fueled the American Revolution. Paine appealed rationally to the cause of freedom. It is still in print today and remains one of the most read and sold titles ever in America. I am not aware if Paine had any statues made or if so, they remain standing. Satire.

The Bible has much to say about common sense in regard to life in general. It refers to sound judgement in practical matters. Proverbs 3:21 and 8: 12-14 refer to it as wisdom and discretion. Wisdom is knowing what to do and discretion is knowing where and when to do it.

Contrary to that, folly and foolishness are not admirable qualities. Proverbs 24:30 talks about being void of understanding. The Bible makes it clear that the desire for instant gratification is the enemy of common sense. Applying wisdom and common sense allow God to do great things in our lives both for us and through us. Sometimes when we learn from even bad decisions, it allows us to avoid them later which is common sense.

I start my column today touting a historical American perspective on common sense and a Biblical one and I do that because, to be frank, I do not see much common sense in America right now.

Let me explain: when agnostics and atheists repeatedly make a mess of their lives and are unhappy, isn’t it time to ponder the hard evidence that there is a God and decide on a course correction in their life?

When mayors and governors make their police stand down and watch their cities get torched and then want the federal government to pay for it, where is the common sense? When the University of Iowa spends $1 million of tax payer money to repair damage done there by recent protestors and then turn around and plan a massive display and archival preservation of those protests and damage, where is the common sense?

When statues and memorials are destroyed including the authors of our independence or even of abolitionists, where is the common sense? When China steals our technology, covers up a plague, arms and collides with our enemies and imprisons Christians and yet we build them up and believe them, where is the common sense?

When people refuse to wear masks, don’t social distance despite endangering other folks’ lives and seeing national spikes, where is the common sense?

When Joe Biden says he would do this or that and yet in eight years as Vice President did nothing, where is common sense to believe him? Why does a president go wild on Twitter despite setting more Americans at each others’ throats because of His comments; yes, where is the common sense?

Why do we say Black Lives Matter and talk about white supremacists when more blacks kill blacks and 43 percent of black pregnancies result in abortion

Why do we fail to instill the truth about America and its heritage with our kids and let leftists and Marxists lie to them in colleges and tear down this nation with a vicious glee?

Why do we hammer and allow rampant political correctness and insist that cities change their name, and teams like the Washington Redskins and the Texas Rangers are chastised? Where is the common sense?

Why do we export pornography and promote abortion worldwide and then think God will bless us? Where is the common sense?

Why are we locking up our elderly because of covid and letting prisoners out? There has to be a better plan. Where is the common sense?

Why are we allowing sports gamblîng which will taint honest participation? Where is the common sense?

Why are churches imploding because the Bible that should guide them is denigrated and private agendas that allow sexual perversion are approved? Where is the common sense?

America in a few locales, still commands or shows a solid hope but by and large, common sense is fleeting and I didn’t even begin to illustrate the death of common sense here. In so many ways, it seems like so many are delusional. Hatred, polarization, conspiracy theories, and a long list of dysfunction are rampant. Where in any of what we see, has common sense gone to?

2 Thessalonians 2:11 indicates that in the last days, there will be a spirit of delusion running wild. My friends, that’s what we see. There is a strong deceptive spirit attacking America. Evil is called good and good evil. We are in deep trouble and we have not bottomed out yet. Is common sense dead? Not yet, but it is on a ventilator. America needs to wake up and Americans, Christians need to wake up and be the adult in the room before it is too late.

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