Grace and peace. One of the things I have been doing a lot lately is pray. I hope you do as well. As restrictions have loosened, we are seeing increases in cases. My mom continues to be miraculously recovering but now there are two cases in her care and rehab center among staff.

Please pray for her safety and all of our care centers, staff and residents. I continue to be amazed that our governor can get all the safety equipment and testing to pork plants but not to long term care facilities. Something doesn’t seem quite right about pork over people.

I miss baseball and a plethora of other sporting events. But in reading the restrictions that would be imposed on resuming baseball, I just as soon they didn’t play. No bat boys, no high fives, no music to speak of, no spitting--lol, no mascots, no batting practice indoors, limited locker rooms, no fans, virtually no umpire contact and it gets worse. But there would be also a DH, designated hitter for the first time in the National League.

Like I said, I hope they just wait and do it the real way next year.

I am having withdrawal from not preaching. Fortunately, I have my radio message every week. But interaction with each other is so vital. We need that. But you know, the same God we worship at church can be worshipped in our homes. At least it’s an easy opportunity to have the whole family together worshipping or sharing devotions rather than going a zillion directions and God shuttled to the sidelines.

I have been doing a lot of stuff in my house. It’s kinda tough looking across the street and seeing that big house I grew up in with mom and dad not there. It’s kinda why I skedaddle to my office up town and work there some too. All of us have new normals but I hope all of you are social distancing and frankly, wearing masks. It would be so sad if lives are lost because we aren’t willing to protect each other.

Today, just briefly let me return to the subject of prayer. Luke 18:1 says, “men ought always to pray and not to faint.”

There are other Scriptures that go along with that concept. What concept? It refers to praying without ceasing, prevailing prayer. The old timers called it, “praying through.” In Luke 11:5-10, Jesus gave a wonderful story about it. Sometimes it is called the prayer of importunity. Basically, God wants us to draw near to Him with a resolve and determination to obtain the things we seek and to trust His promises in those prayers. We too often pray about something a few times and then quit if we do not see an immediate result. But God wants us to be bold and resolved in faith to keep praying. We see another great story and example of doing that in Matthew 15:21-28.

As Christians, we too often give up in our prayers, often right on the verge of a breakthrough. God does not always give us the answers or things we ask for right away but that is when we are to in faith keep praying. God wants us to develop a persistent faith. He wants us to pray through. It is of benefit to us to do that especially when we pray for others. If it’s worth or important enough to pray for something or someone the first time, it’s important enough to pray until the answer or petition comes. God is faithful and keeps His promises. We need to pray through and watch His majesty at work on our behalf.

Till next time, God bless.

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