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You know that Vice President Mike Pence cleaned Kamala Harris’ clock when the hacks on MSNBC and CNN claimed that she was a victim of racism and sexism. Kamala Harris is a victim of her own pathetic liberal belief system that withered in the face of VP Pence and his absolute command of the policies of the Trump administration.

And I want to know what “mansplaining” all is about. It is apparently about Harris allegedly being bullied by Mike Pence because she is a woman. Here I was under the impression that Kamala Harris was the toughest, baddest prosecutor in California history. If there’s anything sexist going on it comes from liberal whiners who are all for equality until an incredibly bright, absolute unflappable former Indiana governor and now Vice President of the United States, politely kicks the girl down the stairs.

So I got COVID shamed again last week putting air in a tire. I wasn’t wearing a mask when I popped into a convenience store and asked to borrow a tire gauge. They say you can’t pass COVID unless you’ve been in contact for 15 straight minutes less than six feet apart. I was there less than 15 seconds when a person I was actually socially distancing from stopped going out the door, making me nearly walk over the top of them, turned and asked me if they needed to get me a mask.

I said I had a mask (I’ve got three actually in different camo colors) and didn’t need a lecture.

I can guarantee you that unless you are hacking up a lung in an elevator with me on board, without covering your mouth with your sleeve, I’m not going to look poorly on you. And if you’re driving your car by yourself and feel the need to wear a mask, good for you. Maybe mask practice is important even though there has been no recorded COVID-19 infection caused by somebody sitting alone in a car.

What I’m seeing more and more are people diving for cover, ready to call the wellness cops if somebody sneezes, or God-forbid, suggests that they’ve had mild cold symptoms. It reminds me a little of people who are uncomfortable with cancer victims and their loss of hair or extreme weight loss. I was blessed to have gotten over that when I was 12 and helped look after my grandmother who was dying from multiple myeloma. When it was too painful for her to have a hug, we would reach down and kiss her cheek.

Mother Theresa said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

She is also the model of the worldwide Christian community since Jesus reached out and healed the leper. She ran to the sickness of the people of Calcutta. Church people were first responders before the first fire department was ever envisioned. Most of our early hospitals were set up by Catholic and Protestant charities. And a whole lot of church folk seeking to help the sick died as a result of their compassion.

I’m not looking to go against the science (whatever that happens to be at the moment), but I’ll be darned if I’m going to do a Joe Biden and hide under my couch.

I’m under the influence of a medical professional or two who actually follow the statistics when it comes to COVID-19. People 50 and under have a 99.97 percent chance of recovering from COVID-19 if they get sick. People over 50 have a 96.7 percent chance of recovering. The average age of people who die from COVID-19 is 78. The average lifespan of Americans is…you guessed it…78 years.

I’m not suggesting we downplay the illness. Another fact is that people over 80 contracting COVID-19 die at a rate of 20 percent. But I am suggesting we look at all of the statistics and attempt (as President Trump has so famously attempted to do) to read them and not scare the living hell out of every man, woman and child in this country, but to learn how to deal with the disease while living our lives.

I saw a clip of North Korean Despot Kim Jong-un who was tearfully thanking socialism for preventing a single COVID-19 death in North Korea. I’m wondering if the re-imagined Keith Obberman would cover the words of the Communist dictator from North Korea and compare that to the optimism of President Trump. I think not. If you know anything about Obberman (who has been fired more times by ESPN than they have hired other employees) you know that he is a disaster as a journalist. He spurns the notion of being a liberal or even socialist and calls himself a “joke of an American.” His new U-Tube show is entitled “Worst Person in America” where he spews all sorts of hate toward people with traditional values, conservatives, Christians, Jews and Republicans. His latest rant suggests jailing and even putting to death a laundry list of Trump administrative officials, including Amy Coney-Barrett.

This guy is the poster child for hatred and anti-Americanism. And nobody on the left is willing to call him out.

It has been a really tough week for the greater Albia volleyball family. COVID-19 ended our season short of a couple of weekend tournaments and the regional tournament trail. There was a small outbreak among mostly girls in our junior high and high school, just after the school district ordered mandatory mask wearing, which essentially ends the insipid need to quarantine (even if you’re not sick). Unfortunately, the outbreak occurred just before the mandatory mask wearing went into effect and the quarantine was still on.

The Lady Dees were in a rebuilding year after an historic run by a senior dominated team last year with two straight regional finals appearances. Our team was composed of juniors, sophomores and a freshman and played like a young, rebuilding team. Sometimes they were great and sometimes they struggled. But they never lacked enthusiasm and they never lacked fight. They are a fun, super athletic group of girls who will all return in a year. For the four juniors on the team, it is a measure of comfort that they have another year.

COVID-19 will be a distant really bad memory by then. That I am convinced.

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