The 2020 election is less than 60 days away I fully expect that it will be one of, if not the worst devisive elections ever. If you have ever followed my columns, you well know I am not a fan of President Trump. That is not to say that some of the things done during this administration have not been good. But the tone and the style of leadership appalls me, big time.

And his Xovid policies have been poorly done, his disparaging and damaging of America’s alliances has been wrong headed. The lack of civility also is abysmal. Why didn’t someone take his twitter account away?

But, today I want to address some things, just a few that really concern me about the candidacy of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I believe that the candidacy is totally sold out to the radical left in this country. But no issue shows it more, well maybe a few are tied, than the issue of abortion. I know, it is a hot button issue for sure and involves judicial selections big time. But as a Christian, can we not agree that, as Pope John Paul once said, we must not support a “culture of death”?

If we claim, as they do, that they are big time supporters of Black Lives Matter, how can they not stand up for the right of those unborn, unborn that Joe Biden many years ago supported until the allure of being elected and the scent of power changed his mind. Is he not aware that Planned Parenthood clinics in black inner cities are doing genocide on black babies. Forty percent of unborn black pregnancies end in abortion in America’s inner cities. Don’t those black lives matter Mr. Biden?

The presidency of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would make war as never before against the unborn. As I said, I have major major beefs against Donald Trump. It is no surprise to me that so many conservatives, as I am, are sickened by his style and demeanor and his undoing of the big tent philosophy of President Reagan and others where efforts were always made to find common ground.

I am not a Trump fan. But the thought of voting for Joe Biden and his sell out to the radical left nauseates me. I face as many may, voting and skipping over the top of the ticket. I do know that as someone who for 40 years has defended the unborn, I cannot vote for a policy of death to the innocent. Let me explain.

The Biden ticket by their own words advocate a repeal of any and all laws in every state that in any way restrict abortion. And let me make it clear to my friends who support abortion in some instances. Most all abortions in America are for convenience and as a form of birth control. The Biden-Harris ticket advocates abortion on demand right through the ninth month of pregnancy. It advocates abolition of all waiting periods, all right to know laws, all parental notification for minors. They have advocated the abolition of the conscience clause which would in essence force all, yes, all doctors, nurses, and health care workers even in religious hospitals, to do abortions.

They want the Hyde Amendment that has existed for over 40 years revoked which forbade taxpayer funding of abortion. They advocate Title 9 funds to go for abortions. They advocate new drugs that would be available even to minors, to be able to do abortions more easily at home to give women more “empowerment.”

They want Roe v Wade enacted permanently into law. They do not want to make it easier for adoption. They want Planned Parenthood to be federally supported by tax dollars and have floated ideas that it would even be given cabinet level status. They are advocating unrestricted funds to be sent overseas to any and all organizations that make abortion easier overseas which for years, the Helms amendment prohibited. We want to spread death worldwide. And so it goes.

Ninety abortion providers or organizations are pushing pushing and pushing the Biden, Harris ticket to make war on the unborn. In fact, these groups are asking that the new President would issue an executive order on day one allowing his support for unfettered abortion.

And they are responding. It sickens me.

I could talk about a host of other things like a new curriculum called the 1619 one that would work its way into schools where America would be denigrated and its ideals disparaged. I grow angry when my own mom and a host of others are endangered because we seem to have a cult of selfishness in our country where no one worries about protecting others because a mask is for wimps or part of political intrigue, or other things like elected leftist leaders who allow riots to continually happen in our cities while they ignore their own oath of office.

There are issues and events enough to go around in both parties. I ponder how in a nation of 330 million people we could be faced with such a choice for a leader.

I know this first of all: unless this nation returns to God, we are , even at the hands of a loving merciful God, finished. We need to stand up for those who are wrongly persecuted and for the poor and be good stewards of the bounty God has given us. We need to stand against corporate greed and many other things. We need to be a government of the people , by the people, and for the people.

But when our people and our leaders deliberately thumb their nose at God, there is nothing but trouble ahead. And there surely must be a stench in the nostrils of our Lord when we have the prospect as we have had, but now imminently worse face, where we make war on the innocent, our unborn, and a mother’s womb is not a safe place to be.

May God have mercy on us.

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