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There are a lot of reasons to vote for Donald Trump. And most don’t include any sort of personal judgment that he is a nice man, a moral man, a man faithful to his marriage vows.

You can hate on the guy all you want because you think he’s a nasty person with questionable morals. But if you go there, you’ll have to examine Kamala Harris and her famous nickname for her long-term sleeping to the top affair with former San Francisco mayor and powerful California politician Jerry Brown. Or Joe Biden’s life of touchy-feely on women not his wife. Judge one, judge all. The list of unfaithful presidents and vice presidents is long.

I can think of several pretty solid reasons not to vote for Joe Biden, including a well-founded fear that he is entering some sort of dementia, highly questionable ways he gained his wealth, including his connection with his son Hunter and Hunter’s growing laptop computer/e-mail and a life-long affinity for plagiarism, including a national cure for COVID-19 which, if you listen and look at it carefully, is identical to what President Trump has already been doing.

But the number one reason to give Trump another four years and vote down the aging and ailing Biden is Biden’s insistence that he will phase out the United States petroleum industry by 2025. Or 2035 or 2050, it’s hard to determine by listening to Biden. I don’t want to offend people who are standing and clapping when they hear Biden (and running mate Harris) promise to destroy the U.S. oil, natural gas and fracking industries like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton promised to do to the coal mining industry, but this Biden promise is so stupid it should immediately disqualify him from running this country as President.

This phasing out of the petroleum industry ought to scare the living crap out of people living in Texas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Alaska, Ohio, North Dakota and wherever else oil and natural gas are being mined. It should also scare every American in every state of the union, because the petroleum industry reaches into every corner of our lives, even if you’ve never driven a car or own a home heated by natural gas.

See, wind energy and solar energy can’t be used to make plastics, or synthetics or any of the other 6,000 or so things we use to live modern lives. Oil doesn’t just power our automobiles. It is our automobiles, from the plastic dash boards to the upholstery, to the tires. You who believe we need to move to electric cars sans oil, forget that you need a superstructure to hold the electric batteries that is likely built by petroleum products.

You can’t run a hospital without the petroleum that creates syringes, is used to make pills and creates the plastic covering for blood pressure equipment.

I’m unable to write this column (I’ll wait until you stop applauding before I continue) because my MacIntosh computer, including the mouse and keyboard is made from plastics which are all made from petroleum.

Leftists and the A.O.C. Green New Deal crowd are so smug about radically changing how we do energy, but I can guarantee you that their environmental whacko battery and solar panels are built using petroleum products.

Come on Man, get real! as old Joe would say, we cannot destroy the petroleum industry, even if it does come with some environmental costs.

I remember years ago a lady in our church chastised me for grabbing a styrofoam cup to drink coffee during fellowship time. My wife squeezed my elbow before I could ask her how she thought her hand thrown pottery cup had been fired. Wood fire? Coal fire? Oil furnace? Very likely it was natural gas.

I was also lectured by an animal rights activist for wearing a leather bomber jacket and hoofing it with leather shoes (probably cattle hide, but not likely kitten skin). The guy was wearing fake leather Birkenstock sandals with fake rubber soles (made from petroleum products).

Want to talk about what the phase out of petroleum would do to those of us who like living and working in the Midwest. Well, farming would likely go away (although corn can be used to make plastics and ethanol fuel, which could be a boon to agriculture for awhile at least until the environmental nuts shut that down because it would be taking food from poor people and ethanol needs gas to blend with). So would transportation. So would most of our small industries.

If we phase out the petroleum industry, we phase in $100 and $200 blue jeans, shirts and shoes. Biden claims he and Democrats are for the “little guys and gals” but their plan to end petroleum would make life in the U.S. unaffordable for all but the super rich.

Then there are the jobs that “Big Oil” provides for Americans. Directly, extraction, energy transmission, pipeline work, refining, etc. we’re looking at between 10 and 12 million. That doesn’t count the huge plastics manufacturing industry. And it doesn’t count the manufacture of automobiles, which trickles down to car dealerships, mechanics and tire manufacturers.

I’m pretty sure Joe Biden was nudging up to La La Land at the debate when he said his planned phase out would be by 2025, but even if it’s 2035 or 2050 it’s nuts.

Our nation is pretty much energy independent, even with the near fatal blows to the coal mining industry leveled by Obama. That means it’s way less likely we will be pulled into another meaningless and deadly war in the Middle East.

The left is wanting to rewrite First and Second Amendment rights, Big Tech and social media giants Facebook and Twitter are censoring religious and conservative thought, we are being racially shamed, COVID-19 shamed and forced to accept a new orthodoxy of morality created by the Wok left. All of that is frightening, but none scares me like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually keeping a promise for once and ending the production of petroleum and natural gas in the U.S.

Speaking of social media and national media censorship, the burying of the Hunter Biden scandal and funneling foreign money to “the Big Guy,” is maybe the most significant example of the attack on First Amendment rights, but Facebook’s censorship of the “Babylon Bee” is both laughable and frightening.

The Babylon Bee is an outrageously funny web-based Christian satirical “news” site that is said to be “conservative” but skewers Methodists, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, politicians of any ilk, sports figures, blacks and white, lay people and the professional clergy with equal delight. In my college days it was “The Wittenburg Door,” a religious version of Mad Magazine that shamed the modern Pharisees. “Fake News You Can Trust” is its mantra.

The Babylon Bee apparently crossed the line when they suggested Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee taking part in the Judge Coney-Barrett hearing were preparing to have her cast as a witch and burned at the stake (it was a spoof on an old Monte Python bit). They had a phony photograph of a white duck standing at the desk of clueless Hawaiian Sen. Mazie Hirono as a way to prove Coney-Barrett’s witchiness.

Facebook pulled the Babylon Bee’s right to post, made themselves look like fools and a few days later reversed their decision. We’re looking into the future of our First Amendment rights and it’s not a pretty sight.

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