After a lifetime of thinking and stating that we have a responsibility to vote for our best candidates in our local elections I have hit the point where it is quite obvious this is not enough. We can send the best individuals to Washington from our own areas and states, but their minority presence in Washington is no longer enough and is never going to get necessary change made. We are all at imminent risk of cascading economic decay if left unchecked. Washington is so tightly wound and committed to reelection in every seat there seems to be no concern that the economy of our great country is at an unprecedented level of risk of failure. The past three years of throwing unlmited amounts of money at each and every crisis, not to mention the unfathomable decisions to spend more for anything anyone wants every year has us on the brink of disaster. The eight percent year-over-year inflation we have built into our economy may have lessened for a time- but with trillions of new dollars being allocated into the financial system any time there is a problem, I will predict that we have not felt anywhere near the full destruction of inflation in our families' lives. For us to continue to enjoy the blessings of freedom there has to be a frequent return to the fundamental principles of our nation, our Constitution and our freedom. The individual legislator we choose to support and get elected from our area is no longer the key to sound govenrment and freedoms of choice. It is still important, but the only path to avoid futher problems is to initiate more widespread and wide-reaching steps.

The Constitution is totally amazing in it's concepts, precepts and safeguards. Checks and balances in place for the three branches of federal government is key to maintaining our Republic with the freedoms and safety we have all enjoyed for ourselves and our families. There have certainly been some horrible government programs and decisions over the past 200+ years. However as the nation has evolved there is currently freedom of choice and paths of life improving decisions and actions which are just not found anywhere else we know of. But- if our economic system implodes with inflation and degradation of purchasing power, the choices and paths available all of a sudden will disappear. With this in mind- how can we get the Washington elected officials to change their actions from spending recklessly and without thought of consequence? We have come to the conclusion that this is impossible to change. There will never be a majority of Congress or the Senate voting responsibly for spending and budgeting. They are far to invested in reelection and maintaining working relationships with campaign donors and fellow legislators. So that leads to the logical/common sense conclusion that we need term limits for all of those elected officials. They will never "vote themselves" out of office through passing term limits, but the Founders and contributors to our Constitution knew that someday this would be a problem- and gave us a path to correct things before it is too late. Article V of our Constitution allows for the States themselves to meet and decide if any Amendments to the Constitution are needed. Such a convention would have a set agenda and is not open to any and all changes. There is currently a movement to hold a Convention of States. The agenda has three proposals listed. #1- Term limits on Congress and Senators. That will not happen without a change. #2- Require a Balanced Budget. That will not happen without a change. #3- Single issue bill presentation and voting. That will not happen without a change. To have a Convention of States 34 States are needed to vote to proceed. To ratify an amendment at such a convention, 75 percent of States would have to vote yes. That translates to 38 States would have to agree on any of these changes/amendments. There are currently 19 States which have voted to have a Convention of States. Iowa has not voted yes so for all of you living here, contact your State Senator and State Representative to vote yes on the bill working through this year's legislative session. For all of you who do not live in Iowa, contact your own State legislators. The website at is where you can find more information and a electronic petition to support the Convention of States movement.

Jeff Liston

Lovilia, IA