This is sort of random as spring begins to bloom in southern Iowa. We’re into April now when we’re supposed to be rid of March and its demands on maintaining winter. However, it seems we’ve had about three decent days. It’s either been cold, cold and windy or cold, windy and raining.

That isn’t such a big deal unless you’ve got a kid or grandkid playing spring sports or are attempting to finish a building project. With the building of our retirement cabin, we’ve battled contractors getting COVID-19 and having knee surgery, soaring material prices and delivery delays, but nothing compares to constant rain that turns clay into mush.

Taking the long view, spring rains are meant to replenish the soil and set the groundwork for a good harvest, but even farmers are thinking it’s time for a little dry weather.

My granddaughter is running track so we’ve suffered through cold, wind and rain in two of the first three meets, but my attention has diverted a bit toward other sports with a couple of pieces of news. District pairings for football came out and both Albia and Chariton find themselves in a rather long, north-south 2A district that includes Albia, Chariton, PCM (ouch), West Marshall, Roland-Story and Iowa Falls.

I really thought the state would put South Central Conference teams together for the first time in years, but Centerville, Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont and Davis County are heading east and north to join Mid-Prairie, Williamsburg and Central Lee and Clarke is heading west to play Clarinda, Des Moines Christian, Greene County, Red Oak and Shenandoah.

As for District #7, Albia has had a tough few years after three straight UNI-Dome performances, but was greatly improved last fall finishing 3-5 and competitive in three of their five losses. PCM is coming off a state title three years ago and a great season last year, finishing 10-1 with another UNI-Dome appearance, but loses something like 22 seniors.

West Marshall has put together four winning seasons of 6-4, 7-3, 6-3 and 8-2 last year making a deep playoff run. Iowa Falls isn’t exactly a football powerhouse finishing 6-3 two years ago, its first winning season since 2011 and fell to 4-5 last year. Iowa Falls is in the North Central Conference and now finds itself playing South Central Conference teams. That’s quite a shift in travel.

Roland-Story and Chariton are sort of in the same rebuilding boat. Roland-Story was 1-8 two years ago and 0-7 last year. The Chargers also experienced a rare as hens teeth winless season last year after a string of really good years.

So those of us who never miss games from our hometowns, we have to figure out a whole new travel route north. It’s possible for some to travel to Roland-Story or Iowa Falls on a Friday, stay over night and see the Cyclones play on Saturday. Or, for me, I might be able to entice my wife to go with me north and then do a deal in Des Moines or Ames.

I’m not crazy about playing north of Highway 30 in late October because it can get really cold, but high school football is high school football. It’s great wherever it’s played.

It’s a rarity that I miss a high school Friday night football game, even though my girls were volleyball players and my son was a cross country runner. It’s a happy addiction. But it’s highly likely I’ll miss at least one Friday in District #7, exchanging it for a game in Class 3A District #3 when my South Tama High School team gathers for the 50th anniversary of the school’s only unbeaten team. Gray-haired and mostly retired, a large number of that 42-man roster will limp out to mid-field to take a bow, limp back and gather after the game to celebrate with two of our three remaining coaches, tell lies and bore our wives.

It will be perfect.

Viewing the first three months of the Biden-Harris administration, I’m pretty sure we’re witnessing the most mishandled, botched, blindly ignorant start to any presidential administration in my life-time. So far, everything they’ve touched has turned to crap, foremost the U.S. southern border catastrophe, dealings with China, COVID-19 (except vaccinations which somehow they allowed to remain unchanged from the Trump administration), racial division, cancel culture, First and Second Amendment rights.

I almost stroked out when President Biden said (in rambling on about gun violence) amendments to the U.S. Constitution were not written in stone. Try explaining that to black folks and women who thought their rights as citizens were etched in stone through the constitutional amendment process forever and ever, amen.

But the one record the administration will set that will never be broken is providing the nation with a close relative to the President who is completely unhinged. Remember Billy Carter, brother of President Jimmy Carter, and the embarrassment he caused by voicing his opinion about his brother’s piety and then loving every minute of the creation of Billy Beer.

Billy Carter looks like Pope John compared to Hunter Biden, the President’s lone remaining son. I thought maybe after he was exposed as a fraud serving on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company and the corruption involved in his and the President’s dealings in China, he would have the wisdom and grace to live in total anonymity while his father served out his term.

Not so. The crack head, porn star, dishonorably discharged from the Navy, pervert has written a book that left wing reviewers have said is refreshing because of its honesty into the world of drug addiction. In watching interviews with Hunter, media types have actually asked him about his infamous laptop that shows him making porn videos with multiple women (at the same time) and he says he doesn’t know if the laptop is his. Could have been stolen, Russians might have concocted it. He just doesn’t know because he was so stoned when the laptop went missing. And the interviewers nod knowingly.

There is nothing funny about Hunter Biden. Nothing engaging. Nothing heroic about his sharing with the world his drug addiction and sexual perversion. He is a national embarrassment who needs to go away not only for the sake of his addled father, but for the nation itself.

One last thing. I’m done with Major League baseball. Having politicized the game over Georgia voting laws (which mirror voting laws including Iowa and Colorado where the All-Star game will now be played) is the last straw.