Dave Paxton

The most divisive President in the history of the United States has laid another turd on the heads of American public schools with his transgender restroom edict. It’s not a law, oh no. Obama doesn’t deal with laws because he can’t get them passed through Congress.

This is an executive order passed through the Department of Education, threatening the removal of federal dollars (read hot lunch and special education funding) if public schools don’t allow gender-confused youth to use whatever restroom and locker-room they choose, regardless of the sexual organs they possess.

First of all a couple of statistics. Gender confusion exists in maybe .03 percent of the entire U.S. population. That’s one in 300,000 if I have my math correct and I may not. I attended public schools. How many transgendered teens have had problems figuring out which restroom to use? The answer is a mathematical zero. It’s so small you can’t measure it.

Still Obama is pushing this policy to destroy modesty among young people and force schools to embrace aberrant behavior or spend millions of dollars rebuilding their restroom facilities to “accommodate.” This screwball President of ours is choosing to use the landmark Title IX legislation that gave equal access to girls in terms of sports to push his ultra left-wing agenda. Nowhere in Title IX does it mention transgender or gender confusion. This legislation made equal opportunity in athletics and other academic and non-academic programs available to 50 percent of the public school population. He is also using the 1965 Civil Rights Act to back up this lunacy. That legislation was meant to give black Americans full access to the ballot box and other public facilities. In other words, black men and black women could use restrooms previously directed only toward white men and white women. Between 12 and 15 percent of Americans are black and in 1965 they were routinely being denied access to voting and public facilities.

And how is this all-compassionate President of ours going to force public schools to fix a problem that does not exist? He’s going to force impoverished children to go hungry and pull teachers away from special education students.

Reka Basu had a mind-numbing opinion piece in Sunday’s Des Moines Register comparing this executive order to removing highway funding from states that didn’t pass seatbelt and motorcycle laws. Really? Let’s see, millions of American adults and children were being maimed and killed on highways because cars weren’t equipped with seatbelts and science proved that seatbelts and car restraints for little kids could drastically reduce that number.

How does that square with maybe one kid in nearly a half billion not being able to figure out what restroom he/or she would be comfortable using on any given day?

Local school boards received letters this week from the Department of Education with the Presidential threat if they don’t change their policies to allow boys and girls to use the same restrooms and locker-rooms or completely rebuild their restroom facilities to accommodate maybe no one. School boards (during School Board month, by the way) will spend precious time discussing this non-issue while issues of teaching and student achievement are placed on the back burner.

At the same time, parents across the nation will consider private schools or home schooling to insulate their children from this insanity.

My advice to our local school boards…tell Obama to take his executive order and shove it. We’ll find ways to pay for our own hot lunch and special ed teachers.

Help is on the way, however. No, not Donald Trump, although at this point Donald Duck would be a better bet for President than either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Help is coming in the form of Jack Bauer becoming President of the United States. Okay, okay, it’s going to be a television show starring Keifer Sutherland and his character this time is going to be a low level cabinet official who becomes President because a terrorist attack takes out everybody else.

I will guarantee you that it will still be “24’s” Jack Bauer coming to the rescue of this country and he will not waste his time asking confused teens to look down their pants to see which bathroom they need to use. He will be a pistol-packing President who will use his steely blue eyes to stare down bad guys and shoot them if the stare doesn’t get what he wants.

Bits and pieces from the news.

• Bernie Sanders’ wife, a president of a small college in Vermont, has driven it into backruptcy and ultimate closing. This is a good example of how Bernie will work the country should he be elected.

• Donald Trump has been cast by the New York Times as a sexist pig who suggested 25 years ago to women putting on weight in his company to “lay off the candy.” He gave the same advice to men. The story was met by a collective yawn from Trump supporters.

• Bill Clinton has been positively linked to a super rich guy who also happens to be one of the most renowned pedophiles in the world. This news was met by a collective yawn by supporters of Clinton who are so practiced at looking beyond both Bill and Hillary’s graft, corruption and moral degeneracy, that if one or the other would shoot somebody at point-blank range on national television they would defend the action based on a right-wing conspiracy of some sort.

• A black guy in Iowa City started a fight in a downtown bar, got his clock cleaned and accused three white U of I students of committing a hate crime. The University immediately took political correctness to the extreme in hunting down the three, until video evidence showed who started the fight and who ended the fight. Instead of apologizing to the three white kids and to the Iowa City police for wasting their time, the university is reviewing police protocol, apparently to make sure the cops don’t discover the truth again when a downtrodden minority of one sort or another cries “hate crime.”

When I was 12 years old I became enraged at my 14-year-old brother and dropped the “F” bomb on him (not knowing for sure what the “F” bomb really meant). He punched me in the nose and I cried to my father, accusing him of what would clearly now be a hate crime (against a perfectly good curse word). My dad looked at my bloodied nose, asked my brother why he punched me and then asked me if I knew what the “F” word meant. When I couldn’t answer it, he shrugged, said I deserved what I got and returned to his choring.


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