As an old history teacher, my interest in everything reflects in the concepts and underpinnings of this country’s development and guidance under the hands of a sovereign God. Like all of us, none of it was done by perfect people. Only Jesus was without sin.

But in watching the continued hostility, hatred, and social agendas in our country, it reminds me that we need a great awakening in our nation, fast, and that we need to be praying for it fervently.

Back in the 1730’s, America had such an awakening. Moral conditions were abysmal. The leader of it was a young preacher named Jonathan Edwards. It started in Northampton, Massachusetts. It spread through New England and beyond. But from there, a British Methodist preacher named George Whitefield took up the cause. He was a friend if Ben Franklin and made nine trips to the colonies preaching everywhere. Tens of thousands of people came to the Lord and the Great Awakening began.

From the beginnings in New England, it spread to the Middle Colonies through Presbyterian ministers like William Tennant and then to southern colonies led by many Baptist preachers.

Thousands more cane to the Lord and out of all of it came the desire for democratic ideals and freedoms but also the birth of missionary outreach to Native Americans and the Sunday School movement. Opposition to slavery grew and the founding of major universities of Christian teaching like Princeton and Harvard and Yale, which sadly now are bastionhedonism and secular humanism.

In the 1830’s a Second Great Awakening happened led by Methodists and Baptists and others and the great Charles Finney who led, as did many, great frontier revivals and tent meetings. Hundreds of thousands accepted Christ as their Savior. Volunteer societies sprang up as did the Underground Railroad and efforts to elevate women in society.

Whenever America looked to God in repentance and love and devotion, our nation was blessed and positive healing and forward movement took place. Hatred fuels hatred but in looking and returning to God, God’s love transformed lives and the country for good.

Today, hatred and an ignorance or apathy to our history has enslaved our nation and its people . We may think we are free and making things better but in truth, look around you at this nation, we are in a decline and bondage that is horrific. America needs another Great Awakening and only when it’s people and leaders and our institutions wake up to the fact that we need the healing only God can provide will we leave the darkness we are in. It takes prayer and an earnest desire to get right with our Maker. He is willing to embrace us, the choice is ours. The key question fir all people, believers - Protestant and Catholic, as well as non believers is this, “What will you do with Jesus?” Our future personal and as a nation depends on our answer.

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