Dave Paxton

I just have one question for the young anarchists, Black Lives Matter agitators and Democrats who sit idly by while the country burns.

Why are you so mad?

I sort of get the rage felt by Democrats and the mainstream national media and their hatred of Donald Trump. They can’t cow him like they cowed the past two President Bushes. As a non politician, he goes against everything they’ve come to expect from politicians which is to bow to their orthodoxy. He humiliated them by getting elected and continues to poke them where they don’t like to be poked.

And I even get the plight of African Americans (as much as I can, not walking in their shoes), except that they are burning and looting their own cities. In virtually every city in America that is burning…Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, Washington, D.C….they are destroying what the career Democrat politicians have been elected by them to do. Joe Biden, in a weird and awkward attempt at the truth may have said it best to a NYC black radio talk show host. “If you vote for Donald Trump you ain’t black.” In any other universe, Biden would have been chased out of his basement by fire bombs for saying something so perverse and offensive. It is Biden at his racist best, demanding that American blacks bow to their leftwing, progressive masters by blindly voting for whomever they tell to vote for. Biden basically told black Americans that they were unable to think for themselves.

For the life of me, I can’t understand the rage over the death of George Floyd and the absolute ambivalence over the dozen or so young black men and children murdered every weekend in Chicago and Minneapolis.

But I get racism and cops killing black men, even though statistically, there were (depending on whose statistics you believe) nine to 15 unarmed blacks killed by cops and between 25 and 35 whites. And 90 percent of all violent deaths of black Americans come at the hands of other blacks. That compares to something like 83 percent of all violent deaths of white Americans done by other whites.

I’m not sure what that means except to say you’re likely to die from violent crime at the hands of people you mostly live around.

But the anarchists and the Black Lives Matter radicals setting fire to cities in America and tearing down statues isn’t about George Floyd or racial equality or justice for the oppressed. It’s about (mostly white actually) young people mad as hell for no particularly reason. They have no creed, no purpose, no real issue to speak on. Their sole drive is to force unreasonable and completely illogical guilt on America and Americans.

And they don’t differentiate between rich and poor, white, black, Latino or Asian, young or old. They will loot and burn a black family’s grocery business or an Asian drug store as quickly as they would a white-owned shoe store. A young punk punched an elderly lady walking down the street in New York City in the middle of the day for absolutely no reason. She fell and cracked her skull on a fire hydrant.

These people just want to tear stuff up. Clearly they are either unemployed by COVID-19 or never gainfully employed, paid off by America’s generous welfare system. They don’t have families to support, have no church affiliation and I doubt no real political affiliation except that of the socialist/communist wing of the Democrat party. It’s the only reason I can think of that sane Democrats are not speaking out about this anarchy.

And if you can believe video footage, it is mostly apparent guilt ridden, hysterical white anarchists who are doing most of the damage to statues in the country. They hate every bit of what America stands for, whether it is pre-civil rights movement or post. They hate the fact that mostly white Americans who came from northern Europe won independence from Great Britain and founded our nation. Although I doubt many of these crazies have a clue who George Washington, Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson were. They certainly don’t know who Abraham Lincoln was or, for that matter, U.S. Grant. I do find it somewhat humorous that they are forcing Princeton University to remove the statute of President Woodrow Wilson from their campus because this WWI Democrat president was an active Klansman. Except that I doubt any of them could speak to anything Wilson did in his eight years as president.

They are mad at the world and they want statues of Jesus torn down because he represents white privilege. Okay, so Jesus was not white, he was Semitic and Christians of color worldwide dwarf white American Christians. FYI, the black American evangelical church is vibrant as well.

Again, I ask. What are you so mad about? Mad that everyone in the U.S. has the freedom of speech and can argue against your stupidity? Mad that the vast majority of Americans don’t follow your line of lunacy? Mad your parents haven’t remodeled their basement to reflect your tastes? Mad you can’t pay for a decent date because you don’t work for a living?

Then there is this question on the other great matter of our year. What are we afraid of? The COVID-19 virus is a terrible disease, but worse than polio? Worse than malaria? Is it worse than any number of diseases that have plagued the world? I don’t wish COVID-19 on anybody and I do several things that I didn’t do before March 15 to help keep me from catching it.

But I’ve suffered a heart attack and face the rest of my life having to admit I have heart disease. And I absolutely did make changes in my lifestyle so that I don’t have another heart attack. But I was also at work the Monday after my Thursday heart attack. At that point, before I knew my new stent was working and before I had my first cardiac rehab session, there was a lot to fear. And I was afraid, except that I didn’t allow it to paralyze me and stop my life from continuing on.

One of my best friends suffers from leukemia, heart disease and diabetes (little really of his own making) and is home bound because of COVID-19. But every time I talk to him I am buoyed by his sense of optimism and humor. He’s not afraid. His wife and his daughter are, but he isn’t.

That is one of the beautiful things about people who love you.

The Iowa Department of Education decided to follow the science instead of the fear in creating a path for children to be back in school. COVID-19 is a fearsome thing, but being paralized by that fear poses a far greater risk to our future.

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