The last two weeks I have waded into the growing issues of racial tension and the continuing Covid 19 issue. Today. No. It’s not that I don’t have more to say, I do. It does indicate that I am sick of the bias and madness that is sweeping our nation so many ways.

I wish that the passion so many people have about so many things, much foolishly and inaccurately placed, were placed where real change could be found; real solutions and hope secured. That passion would be for God and the Lord Jesus Christ. If people would consider bending their knee to Him rather than in protesting our flag then they would be a kit better off.

Passion is something that can take on many nuances. If you have a passion for something or someone, it means you feel strongly about it. Paul said in Colossians 3:23-24, that whatever we do for God, we should do it heartily, or in other words, with passion.

Paul’s life was consumed with passion with and for God. Passion for the Lord always produces unlike some passions in life. In fact, passion achieves about eight principles.

First it pursues. King David had such a passion for God that he pursued God. He sought God with his whole heart. He prayed with his whole heart and obeyed with his whole heart.

Secondly, passion pledges. In Psalm 138:1, David pledges his whole heart to God and praises Him.

Thirdly, passion is willing to confront. Unfortunately that is not often the case anymore. Political correctness has damaged that and too often a lack of courage. But Elijah, the great prophet, was willing to stand up for the Lord against Jezebel and all the false prophets of Baal.

Passion for God always produced. Nehemiah had a passion to rebuild the temple of God in Jerusalem and did it despite overwhelming opposition and in just 52 days.

Passion for God always persists. It is why Jeremiah refused to retire from ministry in spite of overwhelming discouragement because his love and passion for God wouldn’t let him quit.

Passion for God produces prayer. No better example exists than Daniel praying in Babylon despite threats against his life. Do you persist in prayer? Is there something or someone you would pray for and never waver?

Passion moves us. If we have passion for God we act on it, move on it. Peter did that when Jesus told shim to get out of the boat and walk on the water though it seemed impossible.

Finally, passion motivates. It motivated Paul to continually bear hardships to share the Gospel.

Where is your passion? We can have passion or degrees of passion for many things or people. But no passion substitutes fir what the passion for God does. It transforms our lives and our world. Oh that the energy and passion we see in so many ways today in America were placed in God and in the things of God instead of the ugliness and anger and hostility we so much see.

Imagine how much the problems we face would melt away in the living embrace of His countenance. He had a love and passion for us and went to the cross to prove it. We need to reciprocate with a devotion to Him that is the passion of our lives..

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