Greetings to all of you today. Today, I want to share some scriptural insights with you, but, I want to vent a little as well. We are over two months into the Covid 19 pandemic. Over one million cases have been registered in America and over 75,000 have died. Over one third are the elderly and are residents of nursing homes. Many more are poor and also ethnically diverse. Yet, make no mistake, this disease is no respecter of persons.

I firmly believe that we are going to get a vaccine in the near future. In fact, I believe there will be multiple vaccines. But there are so many things that have upset me in this whole saga. Needless to say, I grieve for so many who have suffered and are sick. Let me share some thoughts before I make a key point.

First of all, I get so tired about the political finger pointing. The virus is the enemy. Everything comes down to politics in this country and both parties are at fault. I will tell you that the Administration has done some good things, and has also not done some good things. I sure wish this president would have had his cell phone taken away a long time ago. This tweeting is totally abysmal. And when he is on focus, he does pretty well. He needs to stay focused.

On the other hand, I get so sick of some of the Democratic Party saying that anything and everything Trump does is wrong. I firmly believe that there is a large element in the opposition party that sometimes wants everything to turn out bad so they have more ammunition against this president. It is time both sides realize that the virus is the enemy. Period.

Secondly, I get sick of the media outlets. CNN and MSNBC are determined to slant and go negative on everything they can. My dad would have called them crepe hangers. In other words, make everything gloom and doom. It is the Chicken Little Syndrome, “the sky is falling” all the time. If they can find anyone to preach more gloom and doom, they put them on and beat a dead horse to death. Then we have Fox News which has its own way to cover the story and they tend to minimize the danger and stress the economy too much. To be certain, the economy is a concern. More on that in a moment. My gosh, I want news, cold hard straight news from all the networks and what I get is editorializing and an agenda to propagandize me one way or the other. Disgusting.

Then we have the Des Moines Register which delights in putting atheistic or paranormal writers on parade even now. This week we saw some hack representing some atheistic organization that called themselves “FreeThinkers.” The guy said Christianity was a joke and God is a joke and it’s all myth and mankind can solve its own problems and we, not a false god will solve this, and there is no such thing as sin.

Pathetic. Yes, we have done a great job solving problems. The 20th Century resulted in the bloodiest wars in history. We see ethnic cleansing, pollution, greed, climate disasters and now this. Yes we sure do not need a god. SATIRE. Why the Register puts this garbage in its paper is beyond me. We sure do need God and we sure do need to turn to God in prayer and have renewal and revival in our world. Psalm 2 sums it up pretty well. Prayer is so critical now and yet see if you find some of the networks or news sources in print ever mention that.

Thirdly, I am thoroughly disgusted with our Governor. I salute her for her calling for prayer a few weeks ago and in fact I defended that with the Iowa Interfaith Council which is a closet anti Christian group and, yes, the Register. But for this governor to be so far behind in getting testing for the meat processors and nursing homes in this state is awful and then when things are going higher in cases and deaths, to stand up and say, “ isn’t it wonderful, we are getting back to normal?” is absurd. And why can malls open in hot spots and tanning salons and a person cannot get a haircut. Something is amiss.

Furthermore, why, and I address this to everyone in government, when I saw a need for this three months ago, are our most vulnerable Americans, our elderly, suffering and dying and never was any preliminary testing done of the workers and residents? As usual, our elderly are shuttled off into the afterthoughts of history. These elderly have given us so much and they have been quarantined and forced into social distancing and those that care for them not given initially the things they needed and we watch, and we watch and we watch and only today, did the government, after all this time say, we need to get them what they need in the next two weeks. It is shameful to the nth degree.

And further, why now that we are talking of a vaccine sooner than later, are we seeing in the polls that over one third of Americans still would not take it? And why do I hear younger Americans, in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s in high numbers say as one did today, “well I would not wear a mask, let someone else do it, not me, ever.”

You know, when I taught government for over 30 years, I stressed to my seniors that we have, as Americans, so many rights and wonderful rights given to us by our Founders. But I stressed that for every right we have, there is a responsibility. It strikes me that while we have so many wonderful heroic figures and unsung heroes in this virus fight, we also have those who will not social distance, will not worry about being careful because they may hurt someone who is more vulnerable or who will not show a degree of responsibility to others. It is selfish and that is the only word I can think of to describe it.

There are two other takeaways. I have seen several governors in some of the hardest hit states continually, and rightfully so, stress that every life is vital and saving every life is important. I admire those of both parties who say that yet I abhor those that say well, many will die. We can live with it. Yet some of these governors have advocated the most unrestricted abortion laws ever in their states. And when hospitals and medical providers couldn’t do elective procedures, abortion clinics ran unfettered. So basically some lives are important, some not.

Finally, getting the American economy going is important. But caution is imperative. It is like walking a tightrope. My biggest concern is that big box stores have run wild but small businesses, especially in rural areas are denied and restricted. Reopening is good if the American people use good judgement and isn’t done too quickly. I hope winning elections isn’t the deciding factor for our political leaders in loosening restrictions. And I hope common sense is on display by all Americans. There was a phrase in WWII, “loose lips sink ships.” Today, careless actions by any of us can cost lives. Think of others.

My friends, regardless of all I have said, the key to get through this is prayer, prayer, and prayer. I was convinced of it in the beginning and am now.

Please commit yourselves to that. Our nation and the lives of so many depend on it. The circumstances we deal with seem to render us so helpless. Even those Christians who through all of this claim to be dependent on God can feel that circumstances are concerning.

In 2 Chronicles 20: 1-4, Jehosophat faced a moment where the good King was confronted with dangerous news, three armies had joined forces to destroy Israel. Things looked bad, and Jehosophat was afraid. He felt powerless. Yet even then, this man of God knew what to do. He did not run away nor go charging straight into battle. But the Bible said he turned his attention to the Lord. It was the perfect response to a helpless situation. It is a perfect response for us.

He knew that it was not a time to throw up his hands or take reckless action based on fear. He did and guided his nation to pray. The entire situation changed because God had been brought into a hopeless, chaotic situation. God provided what they needed and helplessness became a thing of the past. That was the answer then, it is now. Our God can renew and restore us and heal us and defeat this virus. We win our battles on our knees . When we recognize that, we will see the light of a new and better day.

Hey, tune in every Sunday morning at 6:30 for My Hope on 96.7 . I think you”ll like it. And please continue to keep my mom Gladys in prayer for continued improvement. God is answering our prayers. Appreciate it.

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