Today, I want to share a couple of insights with you.

First of all, the election is apparently over and Joe Biden will be the new president. Whoa, wait a minute. President Trump has numerous legal challenges out there and for better or worse, they need addressed particularly in Philadelphia.

Now, I don’t care who you are for or what you think, but this election and however it finally ends doesn’t have even one effect on God’s plan or Kingdom. Jesus said His Kingdom was not of this world and I will remind you that we are all pilgrims passing through. Jesus is King if Kings and Lord of Lords and that requires no election or recount and His purposes are never thwarted.

His plan is not affected. He has the last word in all things. As Christians, we are to be salt and light. We are to pray and oppose immorality. We are called to be good citizens but politics does not control God’s plan. He reigns in the affairs of men. We are to pray for our nation and leaders and to keep our eyes on the Lord. That is the bottom line. Now and always.

Now on another front. As you know, my beloved mother passed away a little over a week ago. She had lived at home past her 101st birthday. A fall changed that and after she was discharged from Mercy Hospital, she went into a very fine Care Initiatives Specialty Care facility. The problem was that she went in just as the COVID-19 shutdown started. So she and all elderly in the U.S. Suddenly saw no family or loved ones except for occasional short window visits one day a week which frankly was like teasing a dog with a bone without ever giving them the bone.

It was especially difficult for Mother because most of her life she had seen me most days. She asked about me and constantly wondered why I could not see her. I made DVD movies, CD tapes and did everything I could to encourage her and uplift her. I was told by staff there, which was super, that of all the residents they have had, Mother got the most cards.

Yet for all of the eight months, I only got to see her one half hour in person until her downturn the last six days of her life. She thrived during those visits. She was thrilled beyond description and kept reaching out to me. But then a week later, no more visits because two staff members tested positive. Today now in Iowa, 91 nursing homes have COVID.

We did a few window visits and each time she begged nurses to let me in. After she died, her death certificate said “failure to thrive due to social isolation.” Natural causes. Social isolation. One nurse, no several, told me all the residents in one form or another had developed clinical depression.

Our elderly all across this country are being protected from rampaging covid and should be, but are being killed off by a lousy system, sometimes by nothing more than corporate greed which takes in millions off our seniors and families. No efforts for middle ground or accommodation to prevent it are being done.

My mom’s care center was very good. But their fear of being sued, of not complying with regulations handed down, are detrimental in so many ways. Our elderly have few advocates and fewer rights. They have too often become expendable. And with every failure by the general public to be wise in covid transmission, in essence, these people all across the country are being locked up more than the Japanese Americans who were interred on the west coast in WWII.

Do you hear any elected officials say much? No. It is not a big deal. I can tell you there should have been middle ground, sound systems, video cameras etc in every facility in the country. Didn’t happen. And for months no PPE equipment. Hard working staff were frustrated across the country because they saw what so many elderly loved ones were going through. It will one day be a black mark on how this all was dealt with. I can tell you, my mom would have taken the risk to see me. Most would.

My mom’s wonderful geriatric M.D said it well when he said what our elderly are going through with few advocates for them is criminal.

But one other thing, my mom’s care staff loved her and were terrific and yet, I found the last six days that her menu was wrong, TV she liked was blocked by stuff piled in front of it and 47 cards were unopened and never read to her or given to her.

No excuse.

COVID has been rough and so many facilities and workers deserve bonuses fir their love and care. My mom’s was so good, but as in any organization, there are slackers. With COVID, accountability to families and family awareness isn’t as possible.

If you have loved ones, be willing to ask the tough questions, demand accountability and make sure in this trying time covid is not an excuse for things not getting done. In short, advocate for your loved ones and never assume anything. And pray for staff who are often unsung heroes. Most of all pray and advocate for those who have given so much to our lives and communities and for which now so much has been taken away by governments, bureaucrats and corporate fear. It isn’t right. America, Iowa can do better.

God bless you. Next week, I am going to talk about what we can learn from life’s messes. And join me every Sunday morning at 6:30 on 96,7 KIIC for My Hope.

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