Jeremiah 1:5. “Before I firmed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

God told this above verse to one of His greatest prophets, Jeremiah. But he was not alone. David was told he would be Israel’s king. Paul was commissioned to be an apostle to the non Jews, the gentiles. Moses was appointed to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt. Samuel was called to be a prophet as a child. Solomon was called as a child to be the builder of God’s temple. Barnabas was confirmed by the early Church, to be a leader and encourager. And so it goes.

The number one desire of all Christians should be to live in God’s will. But then, the key question is, “ how do I know God’s will fir my life?”

All the above men plugged into God’s plan for their lives. We have a call on each of our lives too. God knew you before you were born. God’s general will for all of us is found in His Word. It guides us to righteous living. But He has a specific will too for each of us, customized. You may not know what it is, maybe you do. But He wants you to know.

All the above callings came in the process of time. We need to seek His will and calling on our life but then be patient and prayerful as it unfolds because it will. And when we know it, we need to eagerly get after it with His guidance and leading. If we do, we and all we encounter will be blessed. God’s love and purposes will be fulfilled.

God has a good plan for your life. Psalm 139:16. No, He has a great plan for it, no matter who you are, you are important to Him.

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