Blue Devils

Members of the Blue Devils included, Braxton Bettis, Owen Kipfer, Emett Fisher, Weston Appleton, Kash Klobnak, Ty Coalbank, Alex Halstead, Jax Mockenhaupt, Brody Thomas, Grant Wilson, Bryson Reed and Owen James.

The Blue Devils opened up against the Newton Cobras at the Oskaloosa baseball tournament. It was a slow game with very few hits on both sides. The Cobras upset the Devils 10-5.

The second game of the morning for the Blue Devils was a different story. The Devils came to play and it showed in this game as they rallied in the last inning to come from behind to win it 8-7 against the Waukee Wolves.

Sunday was full of excitement for the Blue Devils as they had to start the morning out against the Newton Cobras again. The Devils were ready for them this time and beat the Cobras 7 - 6.

The next game was against the Heat from Cedar Falls. The Devils kept their heads in the game and walked away with the win against the tournament top seeded Heat 7-4.

This took the Blue Devils into the championship game against the Waukee Wolves again who had beaten out the Ottumwa Titans and the Junior Warhawks from Waterloo earlier in the day to get to the championship game.

The championship game was full of excitement and big plays. The Blue Devils played a great game but came up short at the end losing to the Wolves 11-7. The score does not represent the hard play the Devils put into this game. The Blue Devils came out hitting and never stopped. There were a lot of big hits that found their way into the Wolves as they held off the Devils.

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